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Los Angeles car accidents are a daily occurrence. Busy city streets are packed with cars and pedestrians, many of them tourists. In 2016, approximately 55,000 car accidents occurred in Los Angeles and, overall, California is well-known as a nationwide leader in auto accident statistics and Los Angeles accident reports fall right in line with the state, meaning the need for a Los Angeles auto accident attorney is more common than not.

An auto accident, which is coupled with a lengthy insurance claim process, can cause life-threatening injuries and death. If you have been involved in a LA auto accident, it is highly recommended that you speak to an Avrek Law Firm Los Angeles auto accident lawyer or Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney to ensure that your case is handled properly and you realize the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

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Common Causes of Los Angeles Car Accidents

A car accident can be minor, but it can also leave a person with serious injuries and devastating financial loss. The number one cause of auto accidents is driver error, and some situation leading to that error include:

How Can Avrek Law Firm help?

The skilled Los Angeles auto accident attorney team at Avrek Law Firm is knowledgeable about traffic laws and bicycle laws in Los Angeles, and is dedicated to holding the negligent party responsible for the victim’s injuries and financial demise in many types of accidents. When involved in any type accident, injuries can be severe and the insurance claim process can be daunting.

We proudly serve Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including Pasadena, Burbank and Beverly Hills. Whether you need Los Angeles bus accident attorney, auto accident lawyer or motorcycle accident attorney, our personal injury lawyers are ready to help. Call or office or complete the online form to schedule a free case consultation!

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