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Maryam Parman Foundation for Injured Children

Your Donations MatterMaryam Parman, founder of Avrek Law Firm, is also the founder of her very own California non-profit, the Maryam Parman Foundation for Injured Children (MPFIC). MPFIC provides various forms of aid to injured children and their families. Maryam Parman, through her work representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases, saw that children who have suffered from catastrophic injuries often times do not get the compensation that they need in order to cover their medical expenses or future medical expenses. She made the decision to do something about this issue by establishing MPFIC that focuses solely on funding healthcare services and providing mobility accommodations to children in need.

Find out more about MPFIC here: www.mpfic.org

Trauma Intervention Program

In addition to founding her own non-profit, Maryam Parman is also on the board of directors of Trauma Intervention Program (TIP), a national non-profit founded in 1985 that uses specially trained citizen volunteers to respond to traumatic incidents to support victims and their families following the first few hours after an accident or tragedy.

TIP Secret Santa 2018

TIP helps members of the community by recognizing their hardships and providing financial assistance. Click here to see the video of the 2018 TIP Secret Santa!

TIP Mentioned on Boise, ID Local TV

TIP was highlighted on a Boise, Idaho local TV station where volunteers explain how TIP helps the local community. Click here to see the video!

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