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Auto accidents and the need to speak with a Los Angeles car accident attorney are extremely common in West Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area. The California Office of Traffic Safety reported in 2017 that this small section of LA experienced 321 auto accident related injuries and fatalities. The greater Los Angeles area had more than 36,000 reported injuries and fatalities.

Car accident injuries can be devastating to a victim and their family. Physical injuries can cause loss of life quality and loss of wages. Medical bills and property damages can cause financial distress or devastation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a local car accident, it is always in your best interest to speak with a knowledgeable West Los Angeles auto accident lawyer. Avrek Law Firm has a successful track record in representing auto accident victims and is here to help.

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Why Are There So Many Car Accidents in West Los Angeles?

There are many reasons car accidents happen so often in the Los Angeles area. For one, Los Angeles is a bustling city that’s also the hub of California’s entertainment industry, which brings with it surges of tourists. Los Angeles is also the second most populated city in the U.S.

California car accident statistics show the top causes of auto accidents in Los Angeles include both driver negligence and situation beyond a driver’s control:

When you are involved in a car accident, it’s difficult to know what to do next. Whether you need to speak with a West Los Angeles taxi accident lawyer, a West Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer or a West Los Angeles car accident attorney, working with with someone knowledgeable about local and state accident laws is the best way to ensure your case will be properly handled and you receive the highest amount of compensation for your damages and injuries.

Contact a Qualified Car Accident Lawyer

Even the most careful of drivers can be involved in a local auto cases. When an accident is caused by the negligence of another driver, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. Working with a West Los Angeles car accident attorney will help resolve your claim quickly and with the best possible outcome.

Avrek Law Firm provides free case consultations to discuss the specifics of auto accident claims and to guide victims through the claim process. We proudly serve West Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including Los Angeles and Long Beach. Call our office or complete the online form to schedule your free case review.

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