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Getting Help from a Bus Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Many people ride buses either because they don’t own a car, don’t like the hassles of driving, want to reduce their impact on the environment or want to save money.

Public transportation is under “common carrier law,” which means that these vehicles are allowed to carry members of the public from one place to the other.

Under the law, common carriers include state and city operated buses, trains, taxis, ski lifts, airplanes and ferries. In the State of California, common carriers are held to a higher degree of responsibility when involved in a bus accident.

If you have been in a bus accident, Avrek Law Firm’s bus accident attorneys in Los Angeles are familiar with commercial transportation laws, as well as the local area, and work to represent victims to yield the maximum amount of compensation for any damages.

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Causes of Los Angeles Bus Accidents

In many cases, bus accidents happen because the drivers are perched above the traffic and they don’t see what is happening around them. Bus accidents range from mild (few or no injuries) to catastrophic (fatalities and permanent injuries). Common causes of Los Angeles bus accidents include:

Different situations can cause a bus accident in Los Angeles, many of which are the same reasons auto accidents occur. However, bus accidents have an added layer of complexity as they are usually related to older vehicles, and the driver may be hurried and pressed to keep the required bus schedule.

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According to California’s Civil Code §2100, common carriers “must use the utmost care and diligence for [passengers’] safe carriage, must provide everything necessary for that purpose, and must exercise to that end a reasonable degree of skill.”

After a Los Angeles bus accident, the carrier’s insurance company may be in contact with victims to discuss liability before they have legal representation. Avrek Law Firm’s Los Angeles bus accident lawyers fully understand the questions to be answered in claims against these big businesses, and work carefully to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for victims’ injuries and damages.

If you have been injured in a Los Angeles bus accident, Avrek Law Firm can help you resolve the case. We proudly serve Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including Pasadena, Burbank and Beverly Hills, and will provide you with a free case consultation to discuss your claim. Call our office or complete the online form today!

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