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The law in California is supposed to provide justice if you are hurt in an accident. But powerful private interests such as insurance companies and corporations use their vast resources to co-opt the legal system to their own ends. That leaves people like you who are going through difficult times in an even more difficult position.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Avrek Law Firm balance the scales of justice for our injured clients by providing aggressive and thoughtful legal representation. Avrek Law gets results for injury victims and their families.

You Deserve Justice & Avrek Law’s Personal Injury Attorneys Fight Aggressively To Help You Get It.

California’s top personal injury attorneys, specializing in car accident cases with offices in Irvine & throughout California.

Personal Injury Legal Services

Auto Accidents

Accidents often occur in the blink of an eye, with no prior warning. They can take place as you commute to work, run errands. Read More

Commercial Trucking Accident Attorneys

Truck accidents are very different than typical motor vehicle accidents in terms of both the injuries they cause and the liabilities they trigger. Read More

Motorcycle Injury Attorneys

Drivers are supposed to share the road with motorcycles. When they fail to do so and riders suffer injury as a result, negligent drivers. Read More

Workplace Accidents

Avrek Law Firm, attorneys help injured workers obtain full compensation for their injuries. Our attorneys have the experience. Read More

Bicycle / Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

We have taken cases that other attorneys have rejected or dropped, then recovered the maximum amount. Read More

Personal Injury Attorneys

We’ve all heard the term ‘accidents happen’ – and they do. Sometimes, we’re responsible for an accident due to our own carelessness. Read More

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Why Choose Avrek Law Firm


We have over 30 years combined experience and Avrek Law has recovered over $750 Million for our clients.


We represent clients and win cases that other law firms reject. We know a lot about personal injury laws that give our clients advantage that other attorneys don’t know about.


We put our clients first and we believe that communication is everything. When we accept your case we’re prepared to see it through until the very end. We can always be reach by telephone, text, email and social media when you need us.


Each type of lawsuit has a filing deadline. So-called “statute of limitations” for personal injury cases in California is typically 2 years from the date of the accident for private entities and only 6 months from the date of accident for public or government entities. The statute of limitation is one year for medical malpractice claims.

The auto accident claims process is a minefield for the inexperienced. Insurance companies, at least in theory, are supposed to oversee the process in an equitable manner, but they consistently put their needs before those of accident victims. Hiring an Avrek Law Firm, attorney ensures that your needs come first. This means personalized attention and the recovery of maximum compensation for all losses suffered during an auto accident.

Avrek Law Firm, accepts personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay any legal fees unless your claim is successfully resolved. At that point, you pay Avrek Law Firm, a percentage of the total award or settlement. The percentage is agreed upon when you decide to hire Avrek Law Firm, as your legal representative. If you do not win or settle the case, you do not pay any legal fees.

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