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Any number of situations can cause a bus accident in Buena Park, many of which are the same reasons auto accidents occur. But, bus accidents have an added layer of complexity as they are usually older vehicles, and the driver may be hurried and pressed to keep the required bus schedule.

After a bus accident in Buena Park, an insurance company representing the bus company may be in contact with victims to discuss liability. Big businesses don’t want claims to go unsettled, so they push to settle quickly and victims sign away their rights. Avrek Law Firm’s bus accident attorneys in Buena Park fully understand the questions to be answered in cases against school districts, municipalities and private entities.

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Common Injuries in Buena Park Bus Accidents

When you are involved in a bus accident, many different injuries can occur. A number of newer buses are equipped with safety technology, but the potential for catastrophic damages still exists, and victims might find they are more significantly injured than expected in even the smallest bus accident. Common injuries sustained in a bus accident include:

Determining fault after a bus accident injury can be challenging. Multiple parties can be involved at various levels, and all involved deserve the same kind of quality care and representation.

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After involvement in a bus accident, victims need to make sure they are completely protected and fully represented by the best bus accident attorneys available. Avrek Law Firm’s experienced bus accident attorneys in Buena Park have the specific knowledge and skills to handle a bus accident claim, and work to represent victims in a manner that will award them with the highest amount of compensation they deserve for injuries and damages.

We proudly serve Buena Park and surrounding areas including Anaheim, Fullerton and Garden Grove. To discuss your case details in a free consultation, call our office or complete the online form.

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