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Where To Find a Lawyer For Dog Bites in Buena Park

If you have suffered injuries from an animal attack and are wondering where to find a lawyer for dog bites in Buena Park, Avrek Law is just a phone call away. Animal attacks are traumatic experiences, and can leave victims with physical, emotional and psychological scars. Major medical intervention, both physically and emotionally, is usually necessary to recover from these kind of injuries, and also may require time away from work and loss of quality of life.

There are a number of challenges that the victims of dog bites face after an attack, including physical and emotional ramifications. If you have been attacked by a dog or other animal, find out the next steps you should take by talking to California dog bite law experts, Avrek Law Firm.

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Understanding California’s Dog Bite Law

California is one of the few states in the U.S. that have a clearly outlined dog bite law. According to the law: The dog bite law, California, says that the owner of any dog is immediately liable for damages that are suffered by any individual that has been bitten by said dog while in a public place or (lawfully) in a private residence – including on the property of the owner of the dog.

Liability is placed upon the shoulders of the dog owner in the event of an attack or a biting incident. Individuals who are the victims of these kinds of attacks will usually have the opportunity to pursue some sort of recourse or compensation for the injuries and expenses that they have incurred.

Dog bite laws can be complicated, so if you need a Los Angeles dog bite attorney, or a San Francisco or Orange County dog bite lawyer, make sure you are speaking to a firm who knows the dog bite laws in California.

Get the Expertise of a Dog Bite Lawyer in Buena Park

When a dog bite results in injury, victims may be able to obtain compensation for related medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Avrek Law Firm’s Buena Park personal injury lawyer team offers quality representation to victims to help recover the maximum compensation for any damages caused by an animal attack, so when you need to speak with a lawyer for dog bites and other injuries, Avrek is ready to assist in obtaining the highest amount of compensation for your injuries and losses.

We proudly serve Buena Park and surrounding areas including Anaheim, Fullerton, and Garden Grove. For a free case consultation and to discuss your course of action, call our office or complete the online form today.

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