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Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly dangerous, with motorcycle riders unlikely to walk away from all but the simplest accidents. Catastrophic injury and death are not unheard-of and there are few instances where drivers walk away with a simple scratch and an uninjured bike. The fatality rate for motorcycles overall is 35 times greater per mile traveled than automobiles, with serious injury risk being 16 times higher compared to cars. Instead of getting safer, motorcycles are actually becoming more dangerous to ride, with death rates increasing among all driver age-groups between 1998 and 2000.

anaheim motorcycle accident lawyers

Over 4 million motorcycles are registered in the United States today, and although this only represents 2% of all registered vehicles in the US, motorcycle crashes represent 5% of the total crashes. Motorcycles provide virtually no protection in a crash, and riders not wearing safety helmets have little between themselves and a very hard concrete road. Only about 20% of automobile accidents result in injury or death compared to nearly 80% of motorcycle accidents. Common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents can be as simple as bone fractures or severe head trauma and as series as disfigurement, loss of limbs, paralysis, brain injuries and even death. Avrek Law fights for every client and we encourage you to read more from our happy clients.

Staying safe on A Motorcycle

While everyone’s goal is to create an environment where accidents are unlikely to occur, they do happen and it’s best to know how to react when a devastating injury impacts you or your loved ones. You can minimize the chance of a ruinous motorcycle accident by obeying basic rules of the road and learning to drive defensively. Some of the more dangerous activities to stay away from include: failing to yield, swerving around road obstacles, neglecting to pay attention to other drives, failure to see open car doors in your general area and generally ignoring posted speed limits including those in construction areas.

Poor visibility can make even normal activities on a motorcycle dangerous, with either the motorcycle driver or surrounding motor vehicle drivers misjudging the distance between their vehicle and the motorcycle or relying on another’s driver’s judgement. Left-hand turns at intersections can be particularly deadly to motorcycle drivers in the area, and are a good time for caution. Finally, a great many motor vehicle collisions (even bus accidents in Anaheim) with motorcycles could be avoided if drivers always avoided alcohol and drugs before they get behind the wheel.

So much paperwork, so little time

Being involved in any sort of collision requires a significant amount of paperwork for a number of things:

  • Accident scene reconstruction or re-creation
  • Medical record review
  • Finding and consulting with expert witnesses
  • Gathering witness statements
  • Contact with insurance companies
  • Scene and police reports

All this paperwork and more is critical to ensuring that you receive the fair settlement that you or your loved one is entitled to by law.

Motorcycle law is different

When they’re not at fault, or negligent, there’s a possibility that motorcyclists can seek damages from the party that was negligent in the case of a crash. Some of the same laws including “PIP” insurance do not apply to motorcyclists–meaning that they can seek damages of potentially larger sizes to compensate for any losses, including damages for pain and suffering. Places motorcycle accident victims have options for higher compensation is in lost wages, pain and suffering and additional medical expenses.

Manufacturer liability

Not all crashes are caused by individuals, there are also thousands of moving parts and components that can fail. When a part fails due to no fault of the operator there may be a product liability claim that could be lodged against the manufacturer of the vehicle or the part itself. If a defective motorcycle part was being operated as intended and hasn’t been modified by the owner in a way that would void the standard operation, the defect may be deemed to be “unreasonably dangerous”. Parts that often fail include fuel systems, accelerators that could stick, brakes that slip or defective tires.

What to do when involved in a motorcycle accident in Anaheim

The first thing to do when you’re involved in a motorcycle accident is to seek medical attention if necessary.  The next step would be to contact qualified and proactive Anaheim motorcycle accident lawyers – and we are here to help you get the help you deserve. Contact us today at 866-598-5548 for a free case review, and let us get you started on a road to the justice you and your loved ones deserve.

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