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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States in 2017. At this rate, a pedestrian is killed every 88 minutes in a motor vehicle accident.

Often, pedestrian accidents happen when an individual attempts to cross a highway or encounters hazards such as parking lot defects, construction or poor walkway maintenance. If you have been injured in a local pedestrian accident and are wondering, “Where can I find the best pedestrian accident attorney?” – Avrek Law Firm’s Anaheim pedestrian accident attorney team can help you realize the maximum amount of compensation for your claim.

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Who’s At Fault In a Pedestrian Accident?

Motorists are required to yield to pedestrians because pedestrians are an incredibly vulnerable segment of traffic. Although motorists tend to bear the majority of the fault and negligence for pedestrian accidents, what happens if a pedestrian caused an accident? Pedestrians can also be considered for “contributory negligence” if they are acting against stated traffic laws or otherwise engaging in dangerous behavior.

Damages from car or truck and pedestrian accident cases versus automobile accident cases can be very serious and include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages or loss of a normal life. How badly the pedestrian was injured dictates the level of compensation received from the at-fault party. Medical expenses can be excessive and put a financial strain on even the most financially-stable families, often to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Advice from a Pedestrian Injury Accident Law Firm

A pedestrian accident can be devastating, and cause unforeseeable amounts of pain, suffering and financial damage. A person hopes they never need to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer in Anaheim, but if you are injured and need assistance, contacting an experienced attorney is paramount to the outcome of your claim.

Avrek Law Firm’s Anaheim pedestrian accident attorney team understands recovering maximum compensation for auto accident damages makes a life-changing difference for victims. We fight tirelessly to get you the care and money you deserve after a pedestrian accident.

We proudly serve Anaheim and surrounding areas, including Garden Grove, Fullerton, Santa Ana and Orange. For a free case consultation, call our office today or fill out the online form today!

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