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Know Who to Call When You Need a Reno Car Accident Lawyer

Hundreds of thousands of people drive on Reno, Nevada roads each year, and with those drivers come thousands of auto accidents and the need for the advice from a Reno car accident lawyer. Three hundred thirty-one fatality crashes occurred on Nevada roads in 2018, which is an increase from the prior year, and the number continues to rise.

Auto accidents occur all the time. If you have suffered injuries or damages from a local car accident, it’s important that you know your rights and the next actions to take. Whether you were in a he said she said accident or need to know what can you sue for in a car accident, Avrek Law Firm’s experienced auto accident lawyers in Reno have defended victims and recovered proper compensation for their claims time and again – we’re here to help.

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Causes of Reno Car Accidents

There are many different reasons for accidents in the Reno area and Nevada overall, and determining the cause of the accident is important to deciding fault in an auto accident claim. Some common causes of these low impact car accident scenarios, as well as high impact accidents, include:

Even when you do your best to drive carefully and avoid distractions, driving on Nevada’s roadways comes with the risk of a potential accident. Knowing your rights and what action to take after an accident occurs is paramount to the outcome of your case.

Call a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer in Reno, NV

Car accidents come with a range of potential injuries spanning simple bruises and cuts to the extreme – death. When you are involved in a Reno car accident, know that you have rights and the right to have someone legally on your side. Can you sue the city for a car accident? What should you do if a pedestrian was involved? Avrek Law Firm’s car accident lawyers in Reno can help you fight to receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages from an accident.

You’re wondering, “What is my car accident case worth?” Avrek Law has the answer. We offer a free case consultation to review the details of your case and advise you on next steps in the claim process, and proudly serve Reno and the surrounding areas, including Sparks. To schedule a free case review, call our office or complete the online form today!

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