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Low Impact Accidents Can Lead To Serious Injury

What is a Low Impact Collision?

Drivers and passengers in moving vehicles are regularly injured at low speed, in low impact collisions.

The best example is a rear end collision while in slow-moving traffic.

Many times, the injuries in these kinds of car accidents are soft tissue injuries, such as neck injuries, which are difficult to diagnose and take a good amount of time to treat.

Insurance adjusters, whether independent ones or in a company, have difficulty believing that people could have gotten injured while driving at low speed.

Accidents at low speed are self-explanatory.

However, if you’re traveling at 45 mph and you get hit by a car traveling at 55 miles per hour, there’s only a 10 mph difference between cars, so it is considered a “low impact” collision, but you could still get hurt.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you have had a car accident that could be considered low speed or low impact, we know that the insurance adjuster will suddenly become the most hardcore skeptic in town, and will do everything in his power to prove that you were not injured.

This is why it is important for you to hire an experienced car accident lawyer in low impact collisions; the expertise of a knowledgeable attorney in this area will allow you to gather all the required evidence for your claim.

Avrek law has over 50 years experience helping clients, and we have recovered over $250 Million during that time.

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How Dangerous Are Low Impact Collisions?

According to data from the Department of Transportation, 7 out of 10 auto accidents in 2011 involved another vehicle, and a quarter of them were considered “low impact” crashes.

As 52% of the car insurance claims filed in recent years by more than 31,000 Consumer Reports subscribers surveyed last summer.

Therefore, even if the accident falls into that category, you should always report it, especially if it is possible that it was your fault.

Because your insurance also protects you from the responsibility of hurting others.


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Common Injuries From Low Impact Car Accidents

Most people (78%) who get hit in the back of their car suffer neck pain for more than a week.

In half of these patients (a third of the victims of back collisions), the discomfort lasted for more than a year, according to a study published in the August issue of the ‘Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry’.
Car accidents are the main cause of whiplash, an injury to the soft tissues of the neck (muscles, ligaments, nerves and discs) due to a sudden shake of the head.

The headrests with which the cars are currently equipped have mitigated some of this risk, but they do not eliminate it completely.
The sudden movement will cause pain and stiffness in the neck and may also radiate to the upper limbs and back, causing dizziness or a feeling of instability, even concussion possible.


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Common Causes of Low Impact Accidents

1. Distracted driving: This is the most common cause. Doing things like talking on the phone, sending messages, applying makeup while driving, etc., produce a lack of attention for several seconds, which can cause many accidents.
2. Not paying attention while parking: This is also a very common cause for low impact accidents, many of which occur in parking lots when a distracted driver hits another one when exiting or entering the place because of their lack of attention to the surroundings.
3. Driving drunk: Everyone must have heard this thousands of times, but it is very important to point out. Confusion and the inability to concentrate due to alcohol impairment produces millions of accidents in the world.

don't drink and drive
4. Driving impatiently: Getting too close to other vehicles, changing lanes abruptly, or failing to avoid other vehicles can lead to accidents. Your duty on the road is to be safe and courteous so that the traffic does not stop.
5. Rain: Asphalt becomes very dangerous when it starts raining, as it is slippery and can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.
6. Not stopping at the red light: This is a very common cause for low impact accidents, when drivers do not brake at red lights but, instead, try to keep on driving, therefore causing many accidents.
7. Driving in the dark or in fog: If the visibility goes down, the risk of accidents will double. So you should try to handle these kinds of situations very carefully, achieve the maximum possible luminosity and stop if you cannot see anything.
8. Not sleeping well: Many hours of driving make a person feel fatigue. If you add to this not having slept well, you have a prescription for an accident. If you feel sleepy, even for a moment, you should stop, stretch your legs, and refresh yourself.

9. Misc: Things like poor road conditions and tire blowouts, driving under high stress and driving on roads you aren’t familiar with.


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Can My Vehicle Be Damaged in a Low Impact Accident?

Head on collision: It occurs when the impact is received in the front of the car, either in the central part or in the front dimensions of the vehicle.

The impact may involve two cars receiving damage on the front. The cars integrate absorbers in the bumpers and the airbag should minimize the impact.
Rear end collision: It is the most frequent and happens when a car hits another one travelling in front of it, not keeping a safe distance from it, causing damage to the front and rear of vehicles.
T-bone Collision: It happens when a car strikes the side of another that is transiting; it normally occurs at the intersections of a road.

This type of blow affects the stirrup, central parallels, and doors. To reduce this type of collision manufacturers install protective bars on the doors and some more sophisticated side curtains of airbags in the doors.

This type of collision is the one that carries greater risk for the occupants.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident learn what to do next, or after a hit and run, and learn about how to avoid car accidents.


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Should I go see a chiropractor after my low impact accident?

Were you in a low impact car accident? You might feel fine, but are you? You cannot know for sure.

That is why you should see a chiropractor. Do you need more reasons?

We can give you a couple that could convince you.
1 – You can have a more serious injury and not know it
Most people mistakenly believe that they should be in pain if they have an injury.

This is not always true. Damage to the body, muscles, joints, and spine usually hurts, but there are no guarantees.

Some damage is low enough that there is no pain. However, a minor injury, if left unattended, can lead to aggravation and then pain. Why not prevent this from happening? You can with the right chiropractic care.
After a car accident, a chiropractor will meet with you. They will gather your medical history, perform a quick physical examination, and ask questions about your car accident.

They will diagnose any problem and decide on a course of treatment. This treatment may include joint adjustments or therapeutic massages to relieve the pain that will go away over time.
2 – It is less invasive
With chiropractic care, surgery is the last resort. Even then, a skilled surgeon is referred to.

No surgical tools or invasive medical procedures are required for treatment. Chiropractors are based on manual therapy, which is hand therapy.

As discussed above, a modification as a whole may necessarily be to adequately realign a joint. This is done with the chiropractor’s hands’ precision.

There is no cut of the skin or drawing of blood.
After a car accident, many victims are afraid to seek medical treatment. They worry about surgery, or are loaded on prescription drugs that have many side effects.

Although you may fear the hospital or your primary care physician, you have no reason to fear a chiropractor.

Although you are looking for medical care, a trip to the chiropractor can really feel more like a trip to the spa than a doctor’s visit.

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Do Low Impact Accidents Affect my Possible Settlement?

There are many factors that can affect compensation after a low impact accident, such as transportation expenses, expenses in medicine and rehabilitation, economic losses (loss of earnings and corrective factor in relation to salary), moral damages to relatives, adequacy of the house or the vehicle, etc.

If you’re not sure how much you can receive for your low impact injury claim, you should contact our lawyers at the Avrek Law firm who will happily guide you through the process, contact us today!

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