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A Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

Motorcycles accidents in California are responsible for a high number of injuries. According to the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were more than 1,000 accidents involving motorcycles in 2018, 42 of which were in Newport Beach.

Statistics show that a motorcycle rider is 30 times more likely to be injured in an accident than the driver of a car. If you have been the victim of a Newport Beach motorcycle accident, Avrek Law Firm’s Newport Beach accident lawyer team will fight for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

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Why Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

When making an error in judgement, either a rider or a driver of another vehicle can cause a motorcycle accident. Other situations may also contribute to a crash, including:

  • Defective components on the motorcycle
  • Improper motorcycle maintenance
  • Bad weather or road conditions

In general, motorcycles have less stability on the road and provide minimal protection for riders. Motorcycle accidents tend to be more damaging than an auto accident, and the risks of riding a motorcycle can be great, so it is imperative that a rider carries motorcycle accident insurance.

Hire a Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a local motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence or mistake, you may be able to receive compensation for damages. These can include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Additionally, if you were a passenger on a motorcycle and involved in an accident where you sustained injury, it is also possible to seek compensation.

Avrek Law Firm’s Newport Beach motorcycle accident lawyers can give you the support you need to ensure that justice is served. We proudly serve Newport Beach and the surrounding areas, including Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Irvine. For a free case consultation to discuss your next steps, call our office or complete the online form today!

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