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Does a Car Accident Affect Motorcycle Insurance?

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No matter if it’s home, automobile or motorcycle, how insurance policies pay out is complicated by design. Understanding the formulas and fine print used to calculate premiums requires a level of knowledge usually only held by either insurance companies or lawyers that specialize in insurance. If you ever need to file a claim regarding a motorcycle accident, it’s important to know that an insurance company’s primary objective is to look after their investments — including their customers. If you’re ever in a situation where you have to ask, “Does a car accident affect motorcycle insurance?” know that there are lawyers ready, willing and able to help you find the answer. 

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Amounts

If you want to get the insurance compensation you’re entitled to, it’s important to understand how the legal system and the insurance industry can either work together or against each other. Both professions understand how to negotiate complex contracts and the legal ramifications of fine print. Lawyers, however, also understand all the legal opportunities that insurance companies technically don’t have to disclose — even in the fine print.

Depending on how insurance premiums are outlined in your contract, a cap could be in place on either a dollar amount for your claims or the number of claims you have open. Both will impact how much you pay on an annual basis when it’s time to renew.

It’s also important to remember that if your insurance coverage only covers up to $1 million in liability, then the amount for that single claim is divided among all of the parties injured and the cost of damages.

When you hire a lawyer to increase your understanding of motorcycle accident compensation amounts, their expertise will reduce the risk of you leaving money on the table that is rightfully yours. Since 1998, Avrek Law has represented dozens of motorcyclists seeking compensation for injuries due to car accidents. They have numerous cases under their belts in which clients were awarded more than $1 million in settlements and judgments — including one case with $7.6 million granted.

Where do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

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According to Statista, in 2020, 12% of all motorcycle registrations in the United States were in California. In that same year, 5,579 motorcyclists died on U.S. roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that motorcyclists were 28 times more likely to die in an accident compared to passenger vehicle accidents.

Also in 2020, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety determined urban accidents accounted for 57% of all motor vehicle fatalities. When the U.S. Department of Transportation started its Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) in 1977, it was more common for motorcycle fatalities to happen in rural areas. The rise in urban accidents is due to an increase in distracted driving incidents and more people moving to urban centers in the 40-plus years since FARS was established. 

Although the two main causes of motorcycle accidents are speeding and impaired driving, there are other reasons. The top 5 causes of motorcycle accidents in the U.S. include:

  • Speeding
  • Riding while under the influence of alcohol
  • Sudden turns and lane changes
  • Reckless driving
  • Lane splitting

Lawyer vs Insurance Company

Without a legal case supporting an insurance claim, there is little incentive for an insurance company to pay what you may think is fair. With a valid case and skilled representation, a lawyer vs. insurance company situation can be successfully resolved in your favor.

Motorcycle insurance is always kept separate, even if it’s bundled into your car insurance. In the state of California, insurance minimums are some of the lowest in the country: $15,000 for bodily injury caused by another person; $30,000 for bodily injury to others involved in the accident; and $5,000 for property damage. If the person responsible for the accident only has the lowest level of insurance, they’re responsible to pay any additional costs out of their own pockets. Anyone who has spent time in a hospital knows that $30,000 can be spent quickly, depending on the severity of the injuries and recovery time.

This is why it’s recommended to always pay the additional premiums, especially when it comes to maximizing medical payouts. Even a minor motorcycle accident can result in sprains, torn ligaments and broken bones that could take a long time to heal and result in lost wages.

Hire The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Before starting any type of motorcycle accident claim, it’s a good idea to talk with an attorney familiar with motorcycle accidents in California or the state in which you reside before contacting the insurance company. Not only will they help you clearly understand all of your options, but the law firm will also work with you to help maximize the claim you’re owed.

Don’t feel pressured to speak with the other party’s insurer. Many law experts advise against this as their insurer is not looking out for you — they are trying to protect themselves by gathering as much information as possible from you so they can pay out as little as possible.

Motorcycle insurance is complex, and the answer to “Does a car accident affect motorcycle insurance?” fluctuates from state to state. Now with locations throughout the U.S., the injury attorneys at Avrek Law are the experts in motorcycle accidents in every state they serve. The consultation is free and you’ll get advice from a law firm with more than $1 billion recovered in more than 45,000 cases. Check out our locations or contact us for a free consultation – we’re here to help!

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