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California car accident statistics note that the state has the nation’s busiest interstates, and is also home to the first and second most traveled interstates in the country: I-5 and I-10. These interstates, along with several others, pass through Orange and Riverside counties, which are known as much for their traffic congestion as for their sunny skies. Residents in the counties are well acquainted with interstate driving, but that alone doesn’t prevent interstate auto accidents or the need for an interstate accident lawyer.

As commuters who also navigate local interstates and lawyers who litigate cases resulting from interstate accidents, Avrek Law Firm’s Irvine car accident attorney team has a special appreciation for how dangerous these roadways can be. If you have suffered the from injuries in an interstate crash, Avrek is ready to help you take the next steps to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your damages.

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Causes of Interstate Accidents

Some of America’s deadliest highways pass through or near Irvine. All driving is dangerous, but interstate driving presents some unique hazards and most accidents occur on interstates because of:

The United States Interstate Highway System is comprised of 46,876 miles of roadway. Some stretches of these roads are statistically much more dangerous than others. Surprisingly, it isn’t always the busiest roads that are the most dangerous. In fact, nearly six out of 10 traffic fatalities occur in rural areas despite these areas having only about 25% of the nation’s population.

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The results of a California interstate accident can be catastrophic and even deadly. These types of accidents can be more complex than others, as they sometimes involve multiple drivers, out-of-state drivers and heavily-regulated truck drivers. Avrek Law Firm’s interstate accident lawyer team is experienced with interstate accidents and will navigate the legal system on your behalf to ensure you are justly compensated for any losses suffered.

We proudly serve Irvine and surrounding areas, including Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Tustin and greater Orange County. Call our office or fill out the online form to discuss your claim further in a free case review.

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