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Who Pays for Physical Therapy After Car Accident Injuries?

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For many injuries, physical therapy is an essential aspect of recovery. Not only does it help to speed up recovery time, but it can reduce further damage and even boost your mental health after an accident. While most victims aren’t sure what to expect physically after a car accident, physical therapy is often part of the treatment plan. Securing funding for physical therapy should never be an issue after experiencing an accident. But who pays for physical therapy after car accident injuries have occurred in California? As an at-fault state, here is what you need to know before seeking compensation.

What is an At-Fault State?

As an at-fault state, everyone involved in a car accident in California files a claim to the insurance company of the person deemed at fault for the accident. The claims will cover vehicle and property damage, as well as any medical bills such as physical therapy needed after an accident. Often, accident victims must prove fault before insurance companies will give any compensation. In this case, a personal injury lawyer can help ensure rightful compensation so that victims of car accidents don’t have to pay out of pocket for any medical expenses.

Other states may have what is known as no-fault insurance. In this case, each party’s insurance compensates for any damages and minor injuries no matter who is at fault for the accident. No-fault insurance limits the right to sue, making it difficult to seek compensation for specific injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents and Compensation

Man working with physical trainer - who pays for physical therapy after car accident injuries?

While pedestrians must also abide by the rules of the road, this isn’t always the case. What happens if a pedestrian caused an accident? Just because a pedestrian has been hit doesn’t necessarily mean that the driver is at fault. In most cases, hitting a pedestrian with a car by accident can imply fault to either party. According to the Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties section under the California Vehicle Code (CVC), drivers must yield to any pedestrians at controlled and uncontrolled intersections. It’s up to the pedestrian to yield to traffic otherwise and follow traffic lights. 

What if a pedestrian is hit while jaywalking—who is at fault? Jaywalking is when a pedestrian crosses the street outside a designed crosswalk or intersection. It’s illegal to jaywalk on highways or where pedestrians aren’t permitted. If a pedestrian gets hit while jaywalking, the pedestrian can be proven at least partially at fault for the accident. However, proving that a pedestrian caused an accident can be a complex process. Hiring an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer will be a necessary step to receive compensation to pay for any injuries the driver and other parties suffered.

Get Professional Help from a Personal Injury Attorney

Even with at-fault states, determining who pays for physical therapy after car accident injuries can be difficult. Anything involving severe injuries will require extensive help from a professional personal injury attorney. At Avrek Law, we have recovered more than $1 billion in over 45,000 cases for our clients. Schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers or read more about our no win no fee policy.

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