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How Our Firm Works for You: No Win No Fee Explained

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If you’ve found yourself with injuries from an unexpected personal injury, it’s important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Finding the right personal injury firm for your case, however, can be a daunting challenge, especially if it’s the first time you’ve been injured. In your search, you may have found mention of “no win, no fee” lawyers. If you have not yet had no win no fee explained to you, the concept itself is pretty simple: A conditional fee agreement, also called “working on contingency,” is established between a legal firm and the person pursuing an injury claim at the start of a case. If the claim is not successful, there are no legal fees to pay.

What Does No Win No Fee Mean?

In a conditional fee agreement, there are no hidden clauses and no hidden charges. Everything is explained and established up front. In this type of agreement, an attorney or legal firm will take out an insurance policy on the victim’s behalf before starting to work on the case. This policy covers any costs incurred during the claim, which can include court fees, medical reports, and other expenses. If the compensation claim is not successful, the victim will not need to pay a contingency fee for the lawyer’s services.

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Attorney fees for personal injury claims can vary between firms. Personal injury attorneys like those at Avrek Law Firm will review your case, and will advise you to begin a compensation claim only if there is a reasonable possibility to secure compensation for your injuries and damages. Avrek Law Firm does not take a personal injury lawyer fee if your claim is unsuccessful, and you will not be charged for any work on your case. If your injury claim is successful, most (if not all) of the legal costs, including basic fees, will be recouped from the person or company responsible for your accident and injuries.

Types of No Win, No Fee Claims

Generally, there are three areas in which no win, no fee claim agreements are made:

  • Personal Injury: This includes accidents at work, car and pedestrian accidents, and other accident claims involving another party
  • Clinical Negligence: This includes surgery errors, misdiagnosis, and care negligence
  • Employment Law: This includes wage and hour violations, unfair or wrongful termination and workplace discrimination

Avrek Law Firm’s top no win no fee lawyers often pursue compensation claims in these areas, and have the experience to extend their legal expertise to assess the likely outcome of a potential case. The firm’s main objective is to obtain the highest amount of compensation for each victim’s injuries and damages, while helping them to recover as stress free as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for the ramifications of an accident you didn’t cause.

Avrek Law Firm’s skilled team of personal injury attorneys maintain a high success rate in contingency cases, but if we don’t win your case, you won’t have to pay us a penny. As a no win, no fee law firm, working with Avrek Law is risk-free, and our team is dedicated to providing clients with the best possible outcome in each case. Avrek Law’s proven track record in recovering more than $1 Billion in claims speaks for itself.

If you’d like to discuss the details of your case with Avrek Law Firm’s no win no fee injury lawyers, contact us or fill out a form for a free consultation – we’re here to help!

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