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Taxi Accidents Give Rise to Taxi Accident Claims

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Any car accident, like a taxi accident, is a traumatic experience. Many people suffer not only the physical effects such as injuries, but the emotional effects as well. Another problem that may make the situation worse is when insurance companies do not cooperate when clients process taxi accident claims. Dealing with an insurance company can be difficult and sometimes some people do not bother, especially if they suffer minor injuries only.

However, people should claim whatever benefits they get from insurance companies. You paid for it, so you deserve it. Knowing the ins and outs of making a claim will definitely help individuals make the process much easier. You should become familiar with the process involved when making a claim.

Third Party Automobile Accidents: Taxi Accidents

Most people know that if you are involved in a road traffic accident which was not your fault, and in which you were injured, then you can usually make a car accident claim for compensation. But whilst most people are reasonably aware that as a driver you can make a compensation claim as long as the accident wasn’t your fault, or you weren’t entirely to blame, there are a few gray areas in which people find that they may be injured, but don’t feel that they are eligible to make a claim.

In most cases, this assumption is quite untrue, and this can mean a great many people losing out on the compensation which not only they deserve, but in many cases, need. One such situation is where a person may be injured whilst in a taxi. Can you seek compensation if you are in a taxi and you are injured? Yes, of course, and in almost every case. Perhaps the taxi driver started to pull away as you were still getting out of the car, and caused you to fall or be injured.

Perhaps the driver braked too quickly or otherwise caused you to be thrown about, pulling your neck and causing whiplash. Or perhaps the taxi was involved in a road traffic accident. If the taxi driver was at fault then your claim for compensation will be against the taxi firm, otherwise, it will be against the driver who was responsible for the crash.

Obligations of Taxi Drivers and Taxi Companies

Most people travel by taxi on a daily basis, especially if they do not have a car or don’t want to drive to work. Taxis are believed to be one of the safest and convenient modes of transportation. It is in the best interest of taxi companies to do thorough background checks on their drivers, looking for clear driving records.

Taxi drivers are in charge of the care of their passengers, they have a duty to drive smoothly and ensure that you are safe whilst traveling with them. As a part of this charge, Many taxi drivers are required to practice even stricter rules of driving safety, they are expected to practice safe driving habits and obey all traffic laws.

Taxi drivers are trained and experienced, but there are times when taxi accidents take place. For example, if the taxi driver pulls away before you had disembarked completely. As with other types of personal injury and road injury claims, taxi injury claims are not straightforward. If you have been injured because of the taxi driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

Who’s Liable in a Taxi Accident?

Taxis are considered common carriers, as such, they have a legal obligation to keep their passengers secure through safe practices. In general, taxi drivers and taxi operators are held responsible for injuries suffered by their passengers. If a driver violates this obligation through unsafe driving that results in an accident, they or the taxi company that oversees them can be held liable. When a taxi is involved in a car crash, the legal liability that private business owners have for the safety of their employees applies to usually apply.

This means that if a vehicular accident involving a taxi occurs, the operating company is liable for the damages suffered by the driver and passengers alike. This can even be the case when the driver is at fault for the accident, and this is why the hiring of drivers must be done carefully. Liability includes medical bills, lost wages, and property damage for all victims involved in the accident.

Basically, if the accident was not your fault and if it occurred with the past two years, you may be entitled to make a taxi injury claim. If you want to ensure your victory over the defendants, you should get legal assistance right away.

Common Causes of Taxi Accidents

Today, different modes of transportation are able to meet the specific needs of different types of people. If you want a fast but cheap way to travel around the city, you can either take the train or bus. But if you want to be convenient, the taxi is the best choice. The modern taxi, equipped with a meter, has been around for over a hundred years already. And since then, it has become a special mode of transportation for people who can afford to spend a few more dollars in order to have a convenient trip.

However, even taxis get involved in accidents, causing injuries and sometimes deaths.

  • Distractions: There are several situations and factors that can keep a motorist’s focus away from the road. Common driving distractions include cell phone use, listening to loud music, reading, and chatting with passengers.
  • Hurried Driving: Because a taxi driver’s wage depends on the number of passengers he gets in a day, many taxi drivers drive hurriedly, sometimes even ignoring traffic rules.
  • Fatigue: Because taxi drivers work for an entire day, they may sometimes become sleepy due to fatigue. This is dangerous if they are traveling on a highway or along a busy street.
  • Alcohol Influence: While this is a rare cause of taxi accidents, it still happens now and then.
  • Bad Weather: While bad weather is already a popular cause for vehicle accidents, taxi drivers still drive in order to earn a more for their families. When this happens, they are at risk of getting into taxi accidents.

Steps That You Need to Take Before You Can Make a Taxi Injury Claim

Taxi accidents are common, costly and complicated to navigate

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a traffic accident than there are a few things that you will need to do in order to ensure you take the correct steps after an accident.

Following the accident, it is important to make a note of the vehicle’s registration number and collect the contact details as well as the name and address of the driver of the taxi. If it is possible, you must also ensure to obtain the names and addresses of all people involved in the accident along with the registration of any other vehicles involved. You could always make a note of the cars makes and models for an additional amount of detail.

Also, take the names and details of anyone who may have witnessed the accident, that will also be better. It will be a lot easier to call for witness once you have obtained their details then try to go back to the scene and find witness later on. It will also be worth making a note of their company phone number, the company name. If you are unable to collect the details of the driver or if the driver refuses to provide these details, then you may be able to trace the driver through the company that you used to book the taxi.

Another strong suggestion is to get as many pictures of the accident as possible. Use your mobile phone or if you have a camera on you then take pictures until your heart’s content. If you do not have access to either of these, then just sketch where the cars are and the road layout, this is done so that you have something later to rely on if you decide to make an injury claim or the issue goes to court.

With these points in mind, you will have a good idea about what to do if you are involved in a taxi collision. Next, you can get in touch with an experienced injury attorney to discuss your case and find out if you can make an injury claim. Obtaining legal help is easy if you know where to look.

Dealing with Insurance After a Taxi Accident

Let’s not overlook the fact that being involved in a car accident is expensive not just because of the vehicular damage, but the medical bills, care expenses, loss of earnings, cancellations and many other day to day annoyances or inconveniences. When processing accident claims, individuals should be familiar with a lot of information pertinent to the process.

When you are in any car accident such as a taxi accident, try to find out information about the insurance of the other drivers particularly if the accident was the fault of the other person. This way you will not pay a deductible. It would also be good to take photos of the accident so that you can show this to the insurance company. You should inform the insurance company of the accident as soon as possible so that they can send a representative who will verify the accident. But take photos still because it will probably take some time before the representative will arrive.

The insurance representative will determine whether the accident is covered. When the representative arrives he will fill out the accident claims form, do his own investigation and interview the involved parties. This process is called the determination of the liability. Through this, the insurance company will know how much you should receive. After the representative verified everything and the claims forms are accomplished, you just need to wait for the compensation check. This will probably take time so you can go ahead and have your car repaired.

Making an accident claim can be done by the person involved but if they do not have the time or for other reasons, they can always ask an attorney to assist them. This means an additional cost. However, this is convenient for those who do not have the time to file their own claims. The third party claimant such as the attorney will be the one who will get the necessary information and negotiate on behalf of the insured person. Claims and insurance policies are very helpful because victims of car accidents do not need to worry about the financial burden brought about by the accident.


What Should You Do After a Taxi Accident?

The more information you can provide your personal injury attorneys, the better chances you have of a successful claim and the easier the process will be.

Registration Number of the Taxi: Often, a taxi is not driven by their owners but by getting the registration number of the vehicle, it is possible to trace who was driving at the time, and more importantly, tie it to an insurance policy.

Taxi Driver’s Name and Address: The driver’s name, together with his vehicle registration number can ensure the smooth progress of any subsequent claim.

If the Police Are There, Let Them Know You Were a Passenger: Don’t be afraid to do this. Again this will help confirm that you were indeed a passenger and can avoid all sorts of problems later on.

Seek Medical Attention: You may walk away feeling fine, but wake up the next day feeling sore. You should seek medical attention to be on the safe side and to support your case for compensation.

What If You Were Involved in a Road Accident With a Taxi?

It is also worth bearing in mind that the same advice will apply if you find yourself in a vehicle which has been struck by a taxi. Again, the more information you can get regarding the taxi, the driver and the insurer the more chance you will have of being successful in any subsequent claim.


When You Get in a Taxi, You Have a Right to Be Safe

In case you were riding a taxi and it got into a crash, you may take legal action against the responsible parties. No one wants to be involved in an accident and you know that if you were behind the wheel of the car then you would have done everything possible to prevent the collision. Not being in control of the car can leave you feeling a little vulnerable and perhaps exposed to the driving judgment of the driver and what they consider the best thing to do in that situation.

It is harder to accept an accident if you were not driving the car as you always question what you would have done to prevent the accident that the driver did not. You have put your well being in the hands of another, and it is understandable to believe that your trust will not be violated. Uber vs. taxi safety statistics continue to rise, and someone must be held accountable for those accidents.

Therefore, you will need to seek legal help if you are considering making an Uber taxi accident injury claim for compensation. It is times like this when you need someone to stand by your side and fight for your rights if you were injured in a taxi accident due to no fault. Before hiring a personal injury attorney, make sure that they specialize in a legal field related to your situation. If you cooperate well with your attorney, you would gain higher chances of succeeding in your lawsuit and getting what you deserve.

Average Settlement: Taxi Cab Accident

The compensation for a taxi cab accident’s damages and injuries can vary, so it’s important to hire a knowledgeable attorney who knows the ins and outs of taxi accident claims and can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. Whether you need a ridesharing accident lawyer, Lyft accident attorney or an Uber accident lawyer, Avrek Law is ready to help you get the maximum amount of compensation for your case.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, Avrek Law has recovered $1 billion in more than 45,000 cases. Contact us today for a free consultation on your Uber, Lyft or taxi accident claim.

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