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Common Workplace Injuries: Overexertion and Work Injuries — What Are They?

Each day across the nation, people get up and head to work, ready to perform the duties required of them in their jobs. While some people head to labor-intensive jobs like carpentry, construction, and warehouse work, while others may head to restaurants, office buildings, and other vocations. While most people assume that people with jobs...

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Workplace Injuries: Things you Can Do to Help Create a Safety Culture in Your Workspace

Although there has been a significantly observable decline in the cases of workplace-related accidents resulting to injury, we still cannot deny the fact that more than four thousand people had risked losing their lives while at work. And this happened despite the policies, campaigns, and other initiatives set out by the U.S. government to protect...

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Construction Workers and Children: Steps We Should All Take to Stay Well in Hot Weather

We all know sunstroke is no joke. The long hot days of summer can bring a dangerously high temperature that can put at risk even to those who are completely accustomed to climate. This is especially dangerous for children, the elderly and people who are working on physically demanding jobs like construction. As such, it...

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