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If a Car Hits a Pedestrian Who is at Fault?

Pedestrian accident settlements can be complicated affairs, especially when it is not entirely clear who is at fault for the accident. Was the pedestrian jaywalking? Was the driver or the pedestrian intoxicated? Were any of the parties involved distracted at the time of the accident? Perhaps they were texting or interacting with their phone, or the driver of the car was dealing with one of the many common causes of distracted driving.

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Find the Best Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia for Your Case

Nationwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has left a significant impact on the flow of traffic in nearly every part of the country, including Pennsylvania. In 2021, an assessment of national traffic flow by the American Transportation Research Institute found that the country’s gradual return to work had created traffic congestion and supply chain bottlenecks at a number of new junctions.

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