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Orange County is home to 34 diverse cities with more than a million residents. From famous attractions such as Disneyland in Anaheim to beaches in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, there are countless opportunities for relaxation for both residents and tourists alike. According to Visit Anaheim, Orange County entertained 50.2 million visitors in 2019, which gave them $9.2 billion in revenue. Unfortunately, as they continue to build up to these numbers, so does the number of car accidents. Whether you are a resident of OC or a visitor, a car accident can be challenging to navigate alone. Work with a trusted Orange County car accident attorney at Avrek Law to receive the best help for your case.

The Dangers of Orange County Roads

As a traveler or resident of Orange County, it’s important to know the safety regulations of each city to protect yourself and others when driving. According to Money Geek, I-22 through Garden Grove is considered one of the deadliest roads in California. The stats of accidents in Orange County continue to prove the dangers of driving through the cities of Orange County. 

California Statewide Integrated Traffic System - Avrek Law Firm

The California Statewide Integrated Traffic System (SWIRTS) reported 919 fatalities from Orange County car accidents in 2021. In that same year, there were more than 12,000 total car accident injuries. Many of these accidents occurred due to speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence. These types of accidents can cause panic for most drivers, especially those out of state. Regardless of what Orange County city you find yourself in, Avrek Law has experienced lawyers who can help. Avrek Law offers Buena Park car accident lawyers and a Garden Grove personal injury lawyer ready to assist in your time of need. 

What Can You Sue For in a Car Accident in Orange County?

Although Orange County’s M2 initiative is committed to transportation safety through rebuilding freeways, reconstructing streets, and expanding transit options, it has not stopped Orange County accidents altogether. When finding yourself in an accident, you might wonder what can you sue for in a car accident in Orange County. Because California is an at-tort state, it is possible to sue for various reasons, including physical, financial, and emotional damage. Even minor accidents can cause long-lasting effects such as a TBI, PTSD, and lost work wages that may require more action from the responsible party.

Working with the right Orange County accident lawyer is vital to determining your case’s best course of action. For example, a Buena Park bus driver in an accident needs the right Buena Park bus accident lawyers to help them sue for whiplash or lost wages from the city. If the accident involves a truck, an Orange County truck accident lawyer can help truck drivers and car passengers navigate the complexities of an accident with a truck belonging to a private company. At Avrek Law, our auto accident attorneys are committed to helping you receive the maximum compensation for your accident.

Best Personal Injury Attorney in Orange County

No matter where you find yourself in Orange County, an accident can occur. When driving, you need to know your options for legal assistance and should partner with an experienced Orange County car accident lawyer at Avrek Law. With more than 50 years of combined experience, Avrek Law can handle all cases in Orange County and surrounding cities. Receive a free consultation today with a firm that has recovered $1 billion in more than 45,000 cases.

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