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Meeting Your Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

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When meeting with an Orange County personal injury lawyer, be prepared. Without the proper evidence to back your claim, the settlement cannot be adequately discussed. It should be noted that no information is irrelevant. All the facts that you present to your Orange County injury lawyer will help him estimate the exact settlement that you deserve as the victim. Since it always good to be prepared, here is a list of some relevant items that you should present your Orange County personal injury lawyer when you discuss your claim and potential settlement.

What To Bring When Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Meeting Your Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer:  When meeting with an Orange County personal injury lawyer be prepared.
  1. Clear and precise original photographs and video files that accurately document your injury or injuries. This means filming your scars, stitches, casts, injured body parts and, if possible, getting someone to take pictures of you while you are bedridden in the hospital.
  2. A daily log of all the medical expenses that you incurred. This should be detailed and include the items, services and their exact costs. Some attached receipts or invoices would also go a long way.
  3. A well-documented daily log that shows exactly how your life was negatively altered by the accident and the injuries you incurred. Aspects of pain, the disruption of your daily schedule and even any sort of embarrassments suffered from the injuries should be included. Some witness statements and contacts can help make these entries more credible and accurate.
  4. A detailed and accurately dated ledger of all your medical trips as a result of your injuries. This should include the doctors seen directly or through referral, the hospitals or facilities you visited, the pharmacies that you got drugs from, any other places you got medication or medical supplies and the therapy sessions attended, if any. You should make the effort to record the registration number and contact details of the medical professionals that you visit and those that tend to you during the course of your injury. This is just in case they need to be called upon to verify your claim.
  5. Your health insurance policy, in case you were covered by any during the course of your treatment for the injuries of the accident. This is a necessary requirement because since the injury occurred was not an accident that you were a cause of, the insurance company may need to be reimbursed for the fees that were billed to them in the course of your treatment.
  6. Your peripheral medical catalogue. This should detail clearly all the medical support appliances that the doctor advised you to use. Prescriptions should also be included here. Items like empty pill bottles and walking aids are relevant. For those who are severely injured and have to purchase some items for life support to make their stay at home more comfortable, these should be on the list as well, with the prices included.
  7. A document that clearly shows your earning or wages before and after you were involved in the accident. This is relevant as it shows how the injury has affected your livelihood and potential for work. Things like payroll check stubs, statements of wages or pay slips are acceptable. In case the accident got you fired or laid off by rendering you incapable of working, then the termination letter should be included.
  8. A credible copy of your most recent tax returns.

It is also proper to be open with your lawyer. This means being completely open and informing him of any suspicions that you may have of counter surveillance. This is to help him advise you accordingly as the insurance company may be observing you ascertain whether the claims you have laid out are true. It also helps them establish whether your life is actually affected or not.

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