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Decrease Your Risk of Being Involved in a Car Accident

How To Avoid Car Accidents

The number of crashes at 3pm is far higher than 4pm or 5pm. After 7pm, accidents decline again as the commuting period comes to an end and residents arrive at their homes.

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While this is particularly true while it is raining, it is also true at just about any moment when on the road. 3pm has the most number of accidents because people are most likely to be distracted and not respond accordingly to changing traffic conditions on the road. Awareness of the road and the traffic around you will always reduce your chance of an accident.

Additional Ways To Decrease Accidents

Avrek Law Firm is committed to our community. While we provide assistance through our expert legal council, we also maintain a listing of resources that you can benefit from. Use this page and improve your driving skills regardless of the driving conditions on the road.

For example, be sure to give yourself more time to stop your vehicle when driving in wet conditions. The water on the road will decrease the friction between the tire and the road, causing you to take longer to stop. Begin stopping in advance and consider reducing speed when driving to account for the conditions.

Another thing to consider is your own awareness of the road and drivers around you. For example, you can dramatically reduce the chance of an accident by staying away from the most busy interstates and highways during peak traffic time. You can also reduce the potential for an accident by paying attention to the road and not smartphones or tablets. Last but not least, consider rethinking the ‘fight’ mentality when it comes to driving alongside other drivers.

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Weaving in and out of traffic saves far less time than you may think. On average, a person will save approximately 30 seconds to a minute of time by driving in a hostile and aggressive manner. While you may save a minute, you quadruple you chance of being in an accident that will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Having represented clients in car accidents in the past, we know first hand just how many accidents are caused by people driving aggressively to their destination. The risk is multiplied when raining as losing control of the vehicle is far easier when the roadways are wet. A few minutes late is nothing compared to totaling your car and being on the hook for thousands of dollars of repairs.

Another thing to consider is driving while under the influence. Los Angeles is a city that caters to cars and being responsible can be difficult, especially if you have been drinking. When alcohol is involved, the chance of causing an accident increases even more. In addition, the threat of causing serious property damage or harm to individuals increases as well.

Getting in a car accident can cause many injuries (major or minor), none of which you’ll want to deal with

  1. Airbag Injuries
  2. Back Injury
  3. Foot / Ankle
  4. Brain Injury

A Word From Avrek Law Firm

The last thing we want to do is to see you across the isle in a courthouse. Avrek Law Firm encourages you to be careful on the roads especially when mitigating circumstances make them more dangerous and less predictable. We provide this resource here so that you can be informed and stop preventable accidents from ever happening.

Know that wet weather can decrease your traction and cause accidents. A lack of awareness of the road can do just as much damage and drinking should never be paired with driving home. By understanding what your tolerance is and being responsible, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time as well as money and even a person’s life.

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