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The Best Lawyer for Rain-Caused Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Each and every year, weather becomes the main cause of thousands of car accidents caused by rain.  The numbers of injuries and deaths increases in states that typically have dry weather, such as California. When the rain falls, it makes such a huge impact that people end up getting hurt in car accidents in Los Angeles.

Avrek Law’s Los Angeles auto accident attorney team is educated on the local weather patterns, understanding that certain areas only have rain periodically throughout the year. We get it; a lack of rainfall can make many people forget how to drive in it, but summer and winter car accidents should be avoidable. To keep drivers safe on the road, we suggest that motorists understand exactly how rain can lead to car accidents.

How Bad Weather Can Create Bad Drivers

When bad weather strikes, people begin behaving differently.  Usually, drivers split into two groups: the extremely timid ones and the completely reckless variety.  Both types of drivers significantly increase the risk of a car accident, especially when it’s raining.

  • Extremely Timid Drivers – These drivers are the ones who overestimate the dangers of the weather conditions. You will see them driving at extremely low speeds with a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel.  These folks, although rightfully cautious, take it too far and can cause traffic to back up.  This may lead to rear-end collisions or worse.
  • Completely Reckless Drivers – These drivers are the ones who tend to ignore the potentially dangerous consequences of driving in bad weather. You will see them driving normally, or even speeding because of the reduced number of motorists on the road.  These folks, although brave, are much more likely to get into a car accident that properly cautious drivers.  Slippery conditions, high speeds, and carelessness can lead to serious injury or even death even in a 4WD vehicle.

The key is to find a balance between being cautious and being overly confident. While on the road, use common sense.  Since rain can make it more difficult to stay on the road or stop to avoid hitting other vehicles, driving responsibly is your duty.

Why Rain Makes Roads Slippery

You’ve noticed that when it rains, the roadways get quite slippery.  This is especially true when the rain first begins.  That happens for a very simple reason: the oil on the road rises to the surface when it rains and that’s what creates the greasy surface.  If you’re driving along on a road like that and can’t stop in time, you’re bound to have an accident.

Other Reasons Rain Makes Driving More Dangerous

Drive in the middle of a rainstorm and you will attest to the fact that rain decreases visibility.  Being able to see other cars is essential, but when rain water is combined with the dirty water from the road, your windshields can take a beating.  Having functional windshield wipers is a must, and you should probably make sure your wiper fluid is filled up as well.

Car Accident Prevention Tips for Driving in the Rain

  1. Driver Slower: an obvious tip, but it needs to be stated. While being an extremely timid driver isn’t a good idea, speeding around isn’t either.
  2. Keep Your Eyes on the Car in Front of You: if you can anticipate what other drivers are going to do (without assuming) you can keep yourself safer on the road.
  3. No Sudden Braking: pay attention to what’s going on so you don’t have to slam on your breaks, and if you need to stop suddenly try to pump your brakes, use the emergency brake, or pop your car into neutral. Tires with good tread help too.
  4. Defog Your Windows before You Leave: plan ahead and get those windows nice and clear before you take off. Keep your air conditioner blowing at both of the main windows or use the “defog” function if you have one.
  5. Don’t Drive through Standing Water: it is one of the quickest ways to lose traction and get into an accident. If you have to go through standing water to get where you’re going, tap the brake a lightly to dry off the tire a little.

Keep in mind that you can always pull over to the side of the road and wait out the bad weather conditions.  After all, it’s much better than getting into an accident.  Nothing can make up for the loss of a loved one in a fatal car accident, so always yield to safety.

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