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How Many Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

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For many Americans, the thought of having to hire a lawyer to get justice for an injury they suffered due to an automobile accident or while at work can feel like a last resort. The process can feel overwhelming, complicated and expensive. But when you dig into the numbers and begin to understand how America’s justice system works, the whole process feels a lot less burdensome the minute you start to discuss your case with a qualified lawyer.

How many personal injury cases go to trial? A lot less than you think. Back in 2005, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released a bulletin outlining that only 4% of all cases went to trial with 60% of those cases being automobile accident related. Research from the BJS also found that plaintiffs won half of all their cases. Although the information may seem out-of-date, the numbers still hold up almost 20 years later. A September 2022 article from, found that 95% of civil cases reached a settlement at any stage of the case and that those who accepted the settlement were guaranteed the amount in question. Whereas plaintiffs who rejected the original settlement for a greater amount still won 50% of the time.

With such a high success rate, it’s no wonder that many legal firms, like Avrek Law, offer a no win no fee lawyers service for their clients.

How Personal Injury Law Firms Fight for You

Dozens of Americans are injured in car accidents every day. Yet, despite the frequency, anyone unfortunate enough to be in an accident is likely going through the insurance, medical and recovery process for the first time in their life. However, personal injury lawyers go through the process of fighting insurance companies and ensuring their clients medical records accurately reflect their injuries every day. It’s their job, and they should have a solid understanding of how to get their clients the justice they deserve.

During a time of trauma, it’s especially hard to understand what our physical and mental health is really worth. It’s something we take for granted until it’s gone. In some cases, you might even be mourning the death of a loved one and the last thing you want to do is haggle with insurance adjusters about the value of what their life was worth. Part of a lawyer’s job is to understand the value of what we are worth in the eyes of an insurance company and why some settlements are worth fighting for. This is why you hear plenty of people from personal injury law firm testimonials talk about how they got double the amount of money they originally asked for.

Law firms like Avrek Law will also help you find the best medical advice before trial so you can ensure your claim properly reflects the extent of your injuries. When you call a lawyer to help you with your case, you’re not just getting a lawyer, you’re also getting an advocate whose full-time job is to act on your behalf. This means you no longer have to deal directly with doctors, insurance companies and other lawyers to make sure you’re getting the financial and medical attention you deserve.

An experienced lawyer understands all of the costs behind long-term and short-term care, instead of having you figure out exactly what you need before it’s too late. And if you do have a case, many attorneys can refer you to doctors and specialists who understand exactly the type of care you need and offer a second opinion that may shed light on the full extent of your injuries.

What to Do if Your Lawyer Is Not Helping You?

Although your insurance company is here to help pay for your injuries and damages relating to an automobile accident, you may not get what you deserve. Unfortunately, it has become common practice in the insurance industry to offer minimal payouts to Americans who are either too proud or unaware that they should be asking for more when it comes to their insurance claims.

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Your lawyer should also be aware of this. If not, you should be wondering, “Can you switch lawyers in the middle of a case?” The answer is yes! You can always hire another lawyer at any point in your case. However, this may result in you having to payout the lawyer for their work and then rehire a second lawyer to take over your case. If the settlement is high enough, the cost of hiring a second lawyer could still payout in your favor.

Make sure you’re asking the right personal injury interview questions before committing to a lawyer to handle your case. A qualified lawyer will ask questions like, when and where did the accident or event occur? Was anyone else present who saw the injury occur? And, have you seen a doctor or been treated for your injuries?

Start by confirming a lawyer’s legal accreditation with your state’s Bar Association. The responsibility to find a qualified lawyer rests squarely on your shoulders. You can start by asking questions that will test their qualifications as a personal injury lawyer. It might also be helpful to research some easy legal questions to help test their understanding of state and federal law. Questions like, how long after an accident can you file a lawsuit? Is a great place to start. If they don’t know what the statute of limitations are in your state then you should seek legal counsel elsewhere.

Always Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Will Fight for You

Do you have legal questions about a personal injury or wondering, “Can I sue on behalf of someone else?” Start by contacting a qualified law firm that is dedicated to putting their clients first. Avrek Law hears stories everyday from people who think they don’t have a case because they don’t know how many personal injury cases go to trial. And guess what? After the free consultation many are surprised to realize they do have a legal case that will likely end in a settlement they deserve.

Avrek Law’s personal injury lawyers are the experts when it comes to ensuring you get the justice you deserve. With more than 50 years combined experience representing cases in several states that involve personal injury settlements. The consultation is free and you’ll get advice from a law firm with more than $1 billion recovered in more than 45,000 cases. View one of our locations or contact us for a free consultation.

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