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Can You Switch Lawyers in the Middle of a Car Accident Case?

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Car accidents may seem rare, but during 2021 traffic accidents were the highest they’ve been in the last 16 years with 42,915 fatalities. This development means more car accidents are happening every day, increasing your chances of having to live through the trauma and legal processes that follow. If you’ve never had to fight a car accident claim in court, it’s incredibly difficult to tell how well your legal counsel is representing you until it’s too late.

Once the court date is set, it may feel like you’re committed to working with your lawyer until the case is over. But what if your lawyer isn’t living up to your expectations and you think they are mishandling your lawsuit? Can you switch lawyers in the middle of a car accident case? The short answer is yes, even if it’s days before or during your actual trial.

Lawyer Not Doing His Job? Here Are You Options

If that 1-800-Lawyer who yelled a lot in their commercials wasn’t the best fit for your case, what do you do now? Before you fire your lawyer, stay calm and think through the entire process of what it takes to get a second opinion and then hire a new lawyer. If you do end up firing your lawyer in the middle of your trial, you should give your new lawyer time to familiarize themselves with your case.

The good news is you have the freedom to fire your lawyer at any time and it’s a fairly easy process. All you need to do is submit your intentions to fire them in writing. If you’re currently in the middle of the trial you will have to seek permission from the judge presiding over your case. 

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Although it’s not uncommon to change your attorney during a trial, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion first. Firing a lawyer and then hiring a new lawyer is expensive. When seeking a second opinion, make sure you do your homework by finding reputable personal injury law firms like Avrek Law. You will also want to plan to give the law firm the time and resources to review all of the documents and evidence relating to your case.

Can You Afford to Fire Your Lawyer?

Firing your lawyer might be easy, but it does come with expensive consequences. The biggest being that you will likely have to pay twice as much for your case. It’s important you budget out the entire process first to make sure you can afford it. The last thing you want is to create a vacuum where you have no legal representation in the middle of your lawsuit and you’re stuck representing yourself. 

Once you fire your lawyer you have to pay any debts that you’re currently under contract for and any commissions stipulated in the contract. Then, you have to pay for your new lawyer, plus the potential of any additional charges they require to quickly familiarize themselves with your case so they can create a better defense than your previous lawyer.

Start With the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are currently in court and your lawyer is doing a terrible job representing you to the point you’re left wondering, “Can you switch lawyers in the middle of a car accident case?” – contact Avrek Law. They have more than 50 years of combined experience in the practice of helping personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve.

With more than $1 billion recovered in more than 45,000 cases, Avrek has a reputation for helping people. Their track record of personal injury lawsuit settlement amounts speaks for itself. They are experts in cases relating to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, rideshare accidents, workers compensation, medical malpractice, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, construction site accidents and more.

Avrek Law’s success has allowed them to help countless Americans across the country get justice. Call today for a free legal evaluation on your case, and check out the Avrek Law firm reviews to learn more.

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