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Driving Tired Is Dangerous and Causes Accidents

Why Do People Drive Tired?

  • Drastic changes in the person’s sleeping habits (not sleeping or sleeping less than usual can cause drowsiness when driving).
  • Usual use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Consumption of sleeping pills or other drugs that cause drowsiness (such as anxiolytics and antidepressants).
  • Driving a vehicle for more than 4 consecutive hours without rest (especially on road trips).
  • Medications that cure certain diseases produce sleep and fatigue as a side effect in humans.
  • It is known that driving a vehicle when the temperature is high generates fatigue in many people.
  • The high volume of traffic also contributes to extreme fatigue and often to the aggressive mood of drivers.
  • Driving after eating in abundance or without proper hydration also generates that feeling of tiredness in drivers.

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Car Accidents Caused By Drivers Being Tired

The causes of road accidents are not always conventional, but the vast majority can be avoided.

According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 96% of accidents are caused by human error.

Lack of rest or extreme tiredness is a determining factor for an accident, since your reaction speed is affected, you run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

7% of accidents involve tired driving, and although in urban areas the consequences are generally property damage, on road trips the danger and death rate rise dramatically.

Due to efficient police patrols, accidents from driving impaired have declined dramatically in recent years, but even with all of this, 7% of fatal traffic accidents involve some form of impairment.

In addition tired drivers cause accidents resulting in over 70,000 injuries per year and 1500 deaths.

The National Sleep Foundation shows that 27% of adults admit to driving to or from work while being drowsy.

What to Do After Being In Car Accident

If you are involved (injured or not) in a car accident with a driver who fell asleep or otherwise, you definitely want to be prepared for what to do next.

Car accidents are way too common so plan ahead and protect yourself and your family, especially pregnant women.

Here is a short list of what to do after a car accident:

Symptoms When You Know You are Too Tired to Drive

It is normal that after a day of work or study we become exhausted. Even the most peaceful work can generate fatigue and sleep. But when driving in extreme conditions of fatigue we can present some signs that should alert us to avoid any mishap.

The most common signs of driving fatigue are: Difficulty concentrating on driving, constant flickering, blurred vision, and numbness of the arms and legs.

Also, a tired driver can present restless and constant movements (to move the seat, to change the volume of the radio, the level of the air conditioner, etc.), not respecting traffic signals (passing red traffic lights, stop signs, etc.), and not controlling the vehicle (irregular acceleration and braking, poor speed, trouble turning, zigzagging, etc.).

A tired driver can also present moments of violence and sudden movements behind the wheel.

You can drive through, yell at other drivers, and be aggressive in the face of slow traffic or other driving conditions.

Liability For Car Accidents Caused by Tired Drivers

The best plan to figure out who is liable is to call our lawyers at Avrek Law and get answers to your questions.

While California currently has no law against sleepy driving, tired drivers on the road can lead to serious injuries if they cause a traffic collision. The CDC advises all drivers to stop and take a 15-20 minute nap if they begin to notice the drowsy driving warning signs. For this reason any accident caused by a tired driver will be treated as a normal traffic accident.

After having a traffic accident, the first thing to be clear on is who has been responsible or liable of the unfortunate event.

This will affect the compensation made by the insurance of the third party involved.

We must make a claim before the company of the third party, which will only respond if their insured person has been at fault in the traffic accident, even partially.

common injuries

Common Injuries From Accidents Due to Tired Drivers

The injuries caused by collisions on the roads have become the biggest problem of road safety, according to a study published by Californian authorities.

One of the most serious injuries resulting from accidents is the so-called traumatic brain injury, which is the leading cause of death in the young population worldwide.

Accidents caused by tired drivers must be attended to immediately by a doctor.

Often, the traumas do not present external wounds, but they can get worse with time.

Fractures from accidents

Usually, the head and limbs take the worst part of injuries involving fractures. Blows to the dashboard and windshield cause cranial and facial fractures. On the face, scratches, abrasions, and other minor injuries also occur.

Fractures may require surgery and usually take weeks, or even months to heal completely.

In the case of broken bones in the arms and legs, these are also accompanied by rehabilitation sessions and physiotherapy.

injury to back

Injuries to the back and abdomen

The spine is one of the areas most affected by traffic accidents involving tired drivers.

Among the most common injuries is the cervical sprain, which requires the use of a collar.

More serious injuries can cause permanent disability by damaging the spinal cord.

These areas should be monitored after an accident due to the so-called closed chest injuries, which are often not detected and can cause death.

Common Accidents Caused By Tired Drivers

T-bones: These accidents occur when the front of a vehicle comes into contact with the side of the other car.

Rear end: These accidents occur when the front of a vehicle comes into contact with the back of the other vehicle.

Pedestrian accident: These accidents occur when an impact occurs between a pedestrian and a vehicle; this type of accident is common within the urban areas, and the one that registers the highest rate of fatal accident rate.

Overturning: Overturned traffic accidents occur when the tires of a vehicle cease to be in contact with the surface, for reasons beyond the control of the driver.

Who is Most Probable to Fall Asleep While Driving?

Anyone driving is at risk of falling asleep, but there are some groups that are at greater risk than others.

  • Young drivers: The combination of inexperience and fatigue. In addition, the tendency to drive at night puts young people between 16-25 years of age especially at higher risk.
  • Workers on the night shift: Workers with double shift or two jobs are 6 times more likely to be involved in accidents due to fatigue.
  • Commercial drivers: Those who drive long distances at night have a significantly increased risk of falling asleep and having an accident. It has also been found that these drivers are more likely to develop sleep problems.
  • People with untreated sleep disorders: People with untreated opiate sleep apnea (OSA) are up to 7 times more likely to be involved in tiredness accidents.
  • Business travelers or people with time lag: They spend a lot of time behind the wheel or with few hours of sleep.

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