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Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have become a popular method of transportation for both city residents and tourists. Whether they are looking to cut down on parking fee costs or gas prices, ridesharing is an affordable and safe way to travel, especially in more populated areas like Los Angeles and San Diego. According to the LA Times, California had more than 200,000 Uber Drivers in 2022, and the numbers continue to rise. So far in 2023, 130 million people worldwide use the Uber app at least once a month. While Uber and Lyft have excellent safety ratings, it is important to know what to do in the unfortunate chance of an accident. If you or a loved one are managing the aftermath of an accident alone, you need the best rideshare accident lawyer or Uber accidents lawyer for injuries from Avrek Law on your side.

How To Handle Uber Accident Claims

Even with the background checks required for Uber and Lyft drivers, an accident can still occur. Uber’s 2020 Safety Report recorded 101 motor vehicle fatalities. Of these accidents, half of them involved bad driving practices from speeding to driving under the influence. Who is at fault in car accidents with a rideshare driver can depend on whether you are driving or a passenger during the time of the accident. Despite the cause of the accident, it’s necessary to follow the right procedures with a ridesharing accident lawyer.

First, check for injuries on yourself and others involved. Call 911 if anyone needs medical attention. Following your inspection, move your vehicle to a safe location. If you are unable to move the car, turn on the hazard lights as a signal for other drivers. Once you are in a safe location, document the accident with photos of the damage and statements from any witnesses, including the other passengers with you in the Uber. This will help when filing the police report and the Uber accident report. Additionally, seeking guidance from an experienced Uber car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can ensure that you understand your rights and navigate the legal process effectively.

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Because of the various rideshare options, you may wonder what happens if your Lyft gets in an accident? Lyft has a similar protocol that requires you to file a report with the police and with Lyft for greater chances to receive compensation for your claim. Consulting a rideshare accident lawyer can also help navigate the legal aspects of your case and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Why Do You Need a Rideshare Accident Attorney?

According to the National Safety Council, the U.S. has already experienced 3,920 deaths in 2023 related to rideshare accidents. As more people continue to travel, this will also expand the use of ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft. This makes it even more important to have a rideshare accidents attorney available to help you with your case. 

Just as dealing with the insurance in a normal accident can be a hassle, Uber accident claims can be tricky since Uber and Lyft require drivers to have both personal insurance and the rideshare company’s insurance. An Uber accident lawyer can provide the expertise and guidance needed. In most cases, the rideshare insurance will cover you in the case of an accident. Both Uber and Lyft have a limit of $1 million of coverage, providing exceptional protection. Even with these policies, your personal insurance company may try to deny your claim. Knowing how to obtain a police report from a car accident and other documentation is key to filing a successful case. When done with Avrek Law, you can be sure your Uber accidents claims will lead to success. 

Find the Best Attorney for Uber Accident Injuries at Avrek Law

Being in an Uber car accident can quickly become overwhelming without the right knowledge about insurance policies or the accident policy for the rideshare company. When you work with the right rideshare accident attorney you can rest assured your case will be handled with care. Avrek Law has more than 50 years of combined experience in a variety of cases including rideshare accidents. This has led to the recovery of more than $1 billion in over 45,000 cases. Contact us at (855) 945-0634 for a free consultation and partner with the best attorney for Uber accident injuries.

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