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How To Obtain Copy Of Traffic Accident Report

There are a variety of important factors that our car accident attorneys consider when determining whether to take a case or not.

First, the date of the accident cannot be beyond 2 years, as the deadline for filing a lawsuit in the state of California is said amount.

The data associated with an accident is important as well.

For example, there might be no need to file a lawsuit if there were no significant injuries sustained in an accident.

At some point in a legal car accident claim, negligence must be proven, this is when the importance of a traffic accident report comes in place.

Get Your Copy Of Traffic Accident Report

Follow these steps:

  1. Contact the police agency that investigated accident
  2. Need to complete a Record Request Form
  3. Some departments will charge a small fee
  4. Most agencies can send to you via email

How to find a car accident police report

Obtaining a police report (or fighting a police report) after the accident involves, inevitably, jumping through some bureaucratic hoops.

Although the California Highway Patrol does not provide a simple one-step way to get a copy of the police report on their website, the site has several ways to start looking for the information you need.

If you know the date, time, and location of the incident for which you want to receive a report, you can use the contact information to get the statement.

Connect with CHP

Go to the “Contact with the California Highway Patrol” section that appears in “Resources”.

Your best bet will be the phone number they provide to talk to a real person (1-800-TELL-CHP).

When calling the CHP hotline, be sure to have the date, time, and location of the incident prepared.

You may be asked to come to the office if you need to sign anything.

Contact your insurance company

Although going through the CHP itself is the best option, you may want to try out the quicker approach of contacting your insurance company.

You can usually get a copy of the police accident report while conducting your collision investigation.

What to Do With Accident Report?

The police report is, in many cases, a fundamental piece to know the dynamics and responsibility in an accident.

When the fault is clear, there is no problem, but at other times there may be doubts about the way the incident occurs, and for this the presence of the authorities and the accident report that they prepare, will serve to determine that responsibility.

traffic accident

How Important Is Traffic Accident Report

One essential source of evidence that our lawyers always have access to is the California State Vehicle Accident Report, or better known as the police report.

This report is what a law enforcement officer fills out at the scene of an accident to take data on what happened, learn what to do if police report is wrong?

The report contains information about the people involved in the accident, contact information, and witness statements, and police details explaining what happened, how, and when.

It also usually indicates what the police officer believes was the cause of the accident, even covers a hit and run accident.

The police report is often a tool that personal injury lawyers use to prove the defendant was guilty of an accident so monetary compensation can be reached by the plaintiff.

For this reason, it is important for you to file a police report in the event of a car accident in California, even if you were driving without insurance.

If you experience serious injuries or not, it is always helpful to have a police report in the event of future damages arising from the car accident, or to prevent the insurer from trying to blame you.

Having the information contained in a traffic accident report allows you to feel confident that you will not be blamed for the mishap.

Do You Need to Report The Accident to The DMV?

Californian law requires traffic accidents occurring on the streets or roads or private property of California to be reported to the DMV within 10 days if there were injuries, death, or material damages which exceeds $750.

Failure to report on time may result in the DMV suspending the driver’s license.

Accidents involving vehicles that are not required to be registered, such as off-road vehicles (OHV), agricultural vehicles, or snowmobiles, or accidents occurring on a military base, or on the driver’s same property (that implies property that only belongs to the driver if there were no injuries or deaths).

The law requires the driver to submit the SR-1 form to the DMV regardless of who was to blame.

This report must be made in addition to any other report submitted to a law enforcement agency, insurance company or the California Highway Patrol (CHP), as their reports do not meet the SR-1 filing requirement.

An insurance agent, lawyer, or other designated representative may present the report by the driver.

You can learn more on what to do following a car accident.

Californian law requires that every driver and every motor vehicle owner is “financially responsible” for any injury or damage resulting from driving or owning a motor vehicle.

The minimum level of “financial liability” insurance is liability coverage and for material damages of $15,000 per injury or death of a person, $30,000 per injury or death of two or more people, and $5,000 for material damages originated by the accident.

Full coverage insurance does not meet the legal requirement.

Section 1806 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) requires the DMV to record accident information, regardless of who was at fault, when individuals report accidents under the Financial Responsibility Act, or if law enforcement agencies or the CHP investigate and report.

How Long Does it Take To Get a Copy of An Accident Report?

It normally takes a week to get a copy of the accident report, but it depends on the complexity of the accidents and the parties involved.

In some rare cases said complication of the case may make it harder for authorities to set a final report; this causes waiting periods that could extend to a month or two.

In any case, if you think the authorities are taking too long to provide you with the report, you should contact your lawyer as soon as possible and ask him or her to help you.

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