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Infamous for its traffic congestion and sluggish commute times, San Diego is a hot spot for auto accidents. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, the city of San Diego had 5,644 auto accident-related injuries and fatalities in 2017. During that same year, San Diego County reported 20,648 fatalities and injuries from car accidents.

Accidents are unexpected, and so is the collateral damage that comes with them, like loss of income, medical bills and car damage. Avrek Law Firm’s experienced auto accident attorneys in San Diego have more than 50 years of combined experience representing victims and fighting for the maximum amount of compensation for their claims.

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What are the causes of car accidents in San Diego?

Each year, thousands of people are injured, some fatally, in San Diego car accidents. Some causes are more prevalent than others, but some of the main auto accident causes include:

Car accidents of any magnitude are scary, and it’s not always a straightforward process to determine a person’s fault. If you believe another person’s negligence has caused your accident and consequent injuries and damages, it is in your best interest to speak with a qualified auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

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Have you have been injured in an auto accident? You need to speak with an experienced San Diego auto accident lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome of your claim and the highest amount of compensation for your case. Submitting a claim in a timely manner is important to any case, and the auto accident attorneys at Avrek Law Firm are ready to assist with a free case review.

We proudly serve San Diego and the surrounding areas, including La Mesa, Chula Vista and Imperial Beach. For a free case consultation, call our office or compete the online form today!

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