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For most citizens in Sacramento, driving is essential. However, despite the necessity, driving is one of the most dangerous activities in which people engage, and can cause the need to speak with a Sacramento car accident lawyer. In fact, according to a new story in the Sacramento Bee, people died in traffic accidents more in 2016 than in any other year in the previous 20 years, furher indicating the improving economy and more people on the road were to blame.

Car accidents happen every day, and leave victims with injuries, damages and the need for legal expertise. If you are the victim of an auto accident, Avrek Law Firm’s qualified auto accident lawyers in Sacramento know the new traffic laws in california 2023 and can represent you so you can confidently move forward with your accident claim and seek the compensation you deserve.

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How and When Do Most Car Accidents Happen in Sacramento?

Statewide, California auto accidents have increased and result in more than 3,000 deaths each year, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. No matter how careful your driving may be and how strictly you observe the law, you have no control over how others drive, and you can be injured or killed because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Every car accident is different, and how many car accidents in California per year varies, but there are some common causes of Sacramento traffic accidents and the surrounding areas, including:

Whatever the cause, car accidents can and do result in serious injuries and high medical bills. Speaking with an experienced Sacramento auto acident lawyer is always in your best interest to obtain the highest amount of compensation deserved for your damages.

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If you need help after a local car accident, call Avrek Law’s Sacramento auto accident attorneys for the experienced legal representation you require. Avrek’s car accident attorneys give great attention to detail and spend time investigating your accident claim. Having the right lawyer working on your behalf is the best way to ensure that you will recover compensation for your damages.

We proudly serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas, including Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose. To further discuss the details of your accident and claim in a free case consultation, contact our office or complete the online form today!

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