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Understanding Insurance Adjusters and Personal Injury Claims

An insurance adjuster will typically play an important role when it comes to determining the final dollar amount of a personal injury claim. This type of professional will work with an Orange County personal injury lawyer in order to negotiate a particular dollar amount for a claim. Usually, such a claim starts out as an estimate, or quote, which is then refined as the insurance adjuster considers all of the variables at play.
For example, an insurance adjuster may explore your medical history as it relates to your personal injury claim and then ensure that your medical expenses are verified. This type of expert will also examine medical paperwork and digital records in order to see if any of your claims are incorrect. If they are, he or she will act accordingly, by trying to get the dollar amount of the claim reduced. In addition, the adjuster will make a point of determining whether or not previous health problems or injuries may be responsible for medical claims, which you stipulated were due to the accident alone.
An insurance adjustor may also look into any drug or alcohol usage. The goal of the insurance adjuster is to minimize liability. So, in essence, this type of professional will be working against you, while your personal injury attorney works for you.
To more successfully illustrate the goal of an insurance adjustor, let’s cite an example. Let’s think about a claimant who is suing as a result of personal injuries which related to falling out of a chair. The case will be founded on the belief that the piece of furniture was defective.
At this stage, an insurance adjuster will spring into action and examine the claimant’s medical history in exhaustive detail. If any injuries in the past seem related to other things, beyond the “defective” chair, the insurance adjuster will try to reduce the settlement amount or stop any settlement from being made. In this case, the claimant’s personal injury lawyer will need to explain why the injuries relate to the accident.
Insurance adjusters with extensive experience will have a strong sense of the amount that particular injuries cost, in relation to medical expenses, loss of income, etc.
You need great legal team in order to get a great settlement. A skilled personal injury lawyer is your best weapon against an insurance adjustor. If you need help filing a claim for a personal injury case, call us today at: 866-598-5548. At Avrek Law Firm, we offer free consultations and we have your best interests at heart.

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How much is your case worth?

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