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The Question of Claim Settlement

For all Orange County Auto Accident attorneys, the most common question that they get from their clients injured in a car accident is, “How long will it take to settle my case?” This question is quite difficult for the attorneys to answer since they do not dictate the rate of the proceedings, just the terms to an extent.

The truth of the scenario, however, is that the time is generally unknown. Especially during the earlier proceedings of the case. Since each and every case is different the time taken to meet the settlement is also different, even if the cases are being settled by the same firm. Some cases may be settled quickly, in just a matter of time.

Some get tied up in long and hefty legal proceedings and as such end up taking even years to finally settle. Most people are usually under the assumption that the settlement is just a matter of presenting the case then immediately getting your money. This is not the case. Even with an iron clad case and a trainload of evidence backing it up, the settlement will always be disputed.

Sometimes the injuries incurred are usually severe. This translates into specialized treatment that takes a toll both on the body and the person’s bank account. In the cases where the insurance company does not cover the treatment and the person is unable to earn a living, then there is usually a level of financial strain. This tends to make the affected clients put some pressure on their attorneys to settle the claim as soon as possible. The failure of them to do so is never the directly the fault of the attorney.

Since a settlement is supposed to cover everything, it gets difficult to determine this at a time when the victim is yet to make a full recovery. It is also difficult to request a settlement value at the early stages of the case before all the facts have been laid on the table.

This means that getting that early settlement may lead you to get less money than your injury is actually worth. You may also get the early settlement that you desire then later develop another condition as a direct result of the injury. You are then forced to spend your own money to cover the costs as you already got the settlement before the condition was presented to be included in your settlement. It is thus better to wait for all proceedings to be conducted since the settlement is supposed to be comprehensive, from the day you incurred your injury.

Acceptance of a Case Settlement

Before your Orange County auto accident attorney accepts a settlement for your case, he has to fully consider some aspects of your case. These aspects include the following:

1. What is the total cost that your medical bills have amounted to?
2. Have you suffered any permanent bodily injuries that may, in turn, affect your potential to generate an income?
3. Is there a need for any further or specialized medical treatment? If yes, how much will it eventually cost?
4. How much have you lost in terms of income and employee benefits as a direct result of your sustained injury?

This means going for regular checkups and assessments during the duration of your case in order to gather all the facts pertaining to your medical condition, injury and process of recovery. You also need to get some form of authorized documentation from your employer. Or any form of document that can detail your earning history and an approximation of your expected earnings that you lost as a result of the injury.

After all the above questions have been answered and the supporting documentation gathered to back up your claims, then your Orange County Attorney will be in a position to actually put a value on your case. As a result, he can also give you an approximate prediction of a time when you can expect to get the settlement.

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How much is your case worth?

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