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Most common injuries in a motor vehicle accident

The injuries that can occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident do not depend entirely on the severity of the accident per se. In other words, the accident can be “mild” (say, a small collision with the bumper, for example), but the injuries can be extremely serious.

If we continue with the example we have set (a slight shock to the fender) – and believe it or not – that simple, seemingly harmless incident can actually lead to traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, the nature of the injuries is not necessarily proportional to the nature of the accident.

Generally, accidents are unpredictable, unexpected; when they knock on the door, no one is prepared to face them. But motor vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence on California’s highways. In this state, the unexpected is not an exception, but the rule. Day after day, new traffic incidents arise.

In California, the number of people injured in motor vehicle accidents is in the thousands each year. And the worst part is that these are accidents that, paradoxically, could have been avoided.

This trend is worrying, not only because of the number of fatalities and injuries, but also because of the economic burden of these accidents. According to some statistics, these misfortunes can cost the state nearly $1 trillion annually. Therefore, motor vehicle accidents wreak havoc both on the finances of the families of those affected and on the national economy.

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Most common injuries in a motor vehicle accident

Multiplicity is one of the characteristics of injuries resulting from a motor vehicle collision; the range is quite wide, so injuries will vary from mild to severe. It should be noted, however, that the most common injuries are often in the “serious” part: a not inconsiderable part of the victims of a motor vehicle accident do not return to their pre-incident state; they cannot even work as they used to…

In addition, those affected by these collisions must also face the economic burden of medical expenses (medicines, rehabilitation, treatment, etc.) and also the loss of wages as a result of the inability to go to work.

Neck injuries

Neck injuries are very common injuries in rear-end accidents, although these injuries can occur as a result of any type of accident. Statistically speaking, those with neck injuries were usually involved in a rear-end accident.

In turn, among the neck injuries, the most common are the following: cervical hyperextension and tension in the area. In some more extreme and, therefore, unusual cases, dislocations in the cervical area have been reported, as well as atrophy to the discs in the neck.

Obviously, this cervical damage is caused by a sudden and violent movement, which is none other than that experienced during a vehicle collision, especially at speeds above the limit. This agitation causes the neck muscles and ligaments to lengthen in an unusual way, which is why it is called “cervical hyperextension” and the pain associated with this injury is extremely high.

On the other hand, it is important to know that neck injuries are complicated at times of negotiation for compensation, as they are part of the so-called “soft tissue injuries”, so showing evidence of their existence is somewhat difficult due to the nature of the injury.

But in practical terms, a neck injury is reflected by the inability to perform normal head movements; and of course, this also entails visual difficulties.


Scarring is a common phenomenon in accidents involving glass breakage, the spread of corrosive chemicals or simply combustion (fire). At best, only scars appear, but at worst, disfigurements, lacerations and burns occur. The face is one of the most affected, but the torso is not left behind. These lacerations and burns, in addition to harming the victim’s aesthetics, produce very deep scars.

Precisely because of this, people who are affected by scars on their faces experience psychological problems such as low self-esteem and loss of self-confidence. It’s not easy to deal with these kinds of problems, because people around you look at you with different eyes: they look at you in a very strange and uncomfortable way. Thus, these people undergo very noticeable changes in their daily lives, whether at work or in the love life, for example.

On the other hand, some scars may even affect nerves or muscles; in these cases, the affected person may have motor problems and suffer from physical dysfunction.

But what exactly causes scarring? What factors in a motor vehicle accident are responsible for these dermal injuries?

Basically, there are 4 causes: (i) the first and most obvious of all are cuts; (ii) the second are burns; (iii) contact with chemicals that are very dangerous to the skin; and (iv) nerve damage.

With regard to the treatment of scars, there are two inconveniences: firstly, in certain cases, plastic surgery is the only tool available to remove these dermal lesions; and secondly, even if plastic surgery is not necessary, treatment by a specialist is required; therefore, in any case, the economic cost of scar treatment is extremely high.

This being the case, scars pose a problematic dilemma, to say the least: either you undergo a plastic surgery that, apart from being very expensive, involves risks to your health and your aesthetics; or you decide to have it treated by a specialist, which is also expensive. Keep in mind, however, that a specialist may be cheaper than a plastic surgery and that you are not taking any risks to your health, but your appearance will not be repaired and will not be the same.

Bone damage

As for injuries to the bone structure, such as broken or fractured bones, these are direct consequences of accidents whose severity is higher than in the usual accidents, i.e. rollover accidents.

The delicacy of bone damage lies in its potential extent; bone fractures can trigger a series of internal injuries whose healing is not exactly easy.

For example, a victim of a motor vehicle accident who is afflicted by a rib fracture may be afflicted by a punctured lung. Therefore, physicians responsible for the patient’s healing should be very careful in identifying the lesions; they should consider that there may be other lesions than those that are in the naked eye.

But which wounds fall into the category of “bone damage”? For example, damage to the spinal cord; skull fracture; hip fracture; rib fracture; pelvic fracture; fractured tibia and fibula (legs); wrist fracture or fracture.

It turns out that, similar to some of the inconveniences of the above-mentioned injuries, the treatment of bone damage requires a large amount of money, which will vary depending on the nature of the damage (as with everything else). However, regardless of this, you should always add up the cost of rehabilitation, as it is a cost that is always present in bone treatments.

If the extent of bone damage is very wide (that is, if the damage is very severe), surgery may be needed to achieve proper healing. And in other cases, the operating room may not be needed, but it will require the use of metal plates and screws to return the affected bones to normal.

Finally, what is the point of knowing the most common injuries in a motor vehicle accident? For many things (prevention, awareness, etc.), but mainly to get an idea of the multitude of elements that should be considered when negotiating the amount of compensation.

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