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Every day, billions of people navigate the busy city streets to make their way to work, school and their other important and urgent responsibilities. With members of modern society weaving through the urban jungle on bikes, buses, trains, taxis and privately-owned cars, gridlock traffic has become a common every day sight, and accidents are apt to happen. You should speak to a knowledgeable Los Angeles rideshare accident attorney as soon as possible when you are the victim of a rideshare accident.

What Is a Los Angeles Uber and Lyft Accidents Attorney?

The popularity of rideshares like Uber and Lyft have increased the need for a Los Angeles rideshare accident attorney.

While it is true that commuting might save you the stress of facing all that chaos from behind your own steering wheel, not a lot of people are too keen on elbowing their way through a horde of disgruntled commuters, all hoping to get the last seat on the bus. And although driving might keep you from squeezing yourself into impossibly small public transport vehicles, taking to the streets in your own privately owned car could become a very stressful experience. This is why ridesharing applications have been developed.

Rideshare services were designed to offer individuals the ability to get where they need to go minus the discomfort of sharing a vehicle with hundreds of other commuters and the inconvenience of driving a car through busy, crowded streets. For many, rideshare applications like Lyft, Uber and Sidecar might seem like an answered prayer, but there are some major dangers that come with this pseudo-dream come true.

What if an accident happens while you are using a rideshare company? Can you sue Uber or Lyft? And, how do you file a Lyft or Uber passenger accident claim? Speaking to a knowledgeable Lyft or Uber accident lawyer after you are involved in an accident should always be the next step you take.

Gaps in Insurance Coverage

In the year 2013, California was the first of 50 states to legalize the operation of rideshare companies. But because the service was fairly new, the laws created to regulate them weren’t quite as restrictive as those that oversee the operations of other public transport services.

While rideshare might seem like just another fancy term for taxi services, that’s not actually the case. The companies behind the rideshare vehicles that navigate the streets often distance themselves from the behaviors and actions of their drivers. This is because these companies choose to see themselves as responsible for nothing more than regulating prices, developing and improving their application, and responding to minor client complaints. And it is because of this general company policy that rideshare services get away with the lack of insurance coverage.

A prime example of the danger that surrounds this particular aspect of rideshare services is the incident involving a 6-year-old girl from San Francisco. The child was injured and hospitalized by an Uber driver in 2013, but was refused medical insurance by the parent company because they claimed that if a driver wasn’t booked at the time of an accident, they weren’t liable for any of the damages or injuries they would cause.

No doubt, involvement in any of these accidents can be quite complex. If you’re a frequent user of rideshare services, or if you’ve ever been involved in an accident with a liable rideshare service, make sure you give yourself a fighting chance by hiring an experienced rideshare accident lawyer to help your cause.

Top-Notch Legal Help for Rideshare Car Accident Situations

For years, we’ve been helping thousands of clients for every kind of case – from traditional car crashes to much more complicated vehicular accidents, including those involving rideshare services. We take pride in our team of competent, competitive and experienced lawyers who have won back millions of dollars’ worth of losses for our clients who were victims of car accidents.

Because the laws and regulations surrounding rideshare services are constantly evolving, developing and changing, you need to make sure that the lawyer you hire to help you through your case is capable of understanding the complexities of rideshare legalities. Our professional Los Angeles auto accident attorney team has the expertise to guide you through even the most complicated of cases, ensuring that you will get just compensation for the losses, injuries, and damages you’ve incurred.

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