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I Need a Lawyer to Sue the City For My Injury Accident

Feeling powerless and frustrated after being injured is common. Your frustration may be worse if your injury was caused by a city or county’s negligence. If you think, “I need a car accident lawyer to sue the city,” there are many things to consider.

Bureaucratic obstacles can hinder a person from holding government entities accountable for damages. Understanding how to sue a city for damages is vital to getting the proper compensation for your injuries. A recent client had the same thought, “I need an auto accident lawyer to sue the city,” and their success story with Avrek Law Firm proves this is possible.

Case Study: Avrek Law Turns Officer’s Deception Into a $150,000 Win Against City Negligence

In this particular case, there was a dispute over liability when a police officer tried to blame Avrek Law’s client for a collision. It was later discovered that the officer had lied to the reporting police in his own district.

During their accident investigation, Avrek Law recovered crucial evidence from the vehicle’s data recorder. At the time of the crash, the officer involved was driving at 109 mph in a 65 mph zone. The evidence proved the officer’s statement false and the county negligent for the client’s injuries and damages. Although the client’s soft tissue injuries healed over time, she was left with a permanent scar on her shoulder from the seatbelt. The injured client deserved to be fully compensated for her injuries.

Typical car accident settlement amounts with injury vary depending on case specifics. But, Avrek Law Firm secured a $150,000 settlement for their client in this case. This settlement covered her medical expenses of around $7,000 and additional damages.

This real-life example demonstrates that legal action can pay off if you consult the right law firm for your case. Avrek Law knows the intricacies of how to handle injury claims against city or county entities, including police, public transportation, parks, and roads.

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Successfully Sue the City?

Suing the city

Knowing how to navigate legal action against government organizations is critical. To ensure that you can receive compensation, it is crucial to follow specific guidelines and meet strict deadlines. Failure to follow these rules may result in the forfeiture of your rights to compensation.

  • Document Evidence: Collect and preserve evidence of negligence and any damages or injuries.
  • Medical Attention: Seek immediate medical care for injuries and keep all medical records.
  • Legal Consultation: Consult with an attorney experienced in government claims.
  • Notice of Claim: File a notice of claim with the city or county within the required timeframe, typically within six months.
  • Lawsuit Filing: If the claim is denied, file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.

Procedures can vary, so it’s important to consult with a legal professional as soon as possible and follow strict deadlines and procedures to avoid having your lawsuit dismissed. Handling negotiations and collecting evidence requires legal skills that most people lack. An experienced personal injury lawyer, including an auto accident attorney, knows how to build a strong case, navigate complex bureaucracy, prove liability, and maximize compensation for injuries and damages.

What Types of Injuries Can I Sue the City For?

You may have viable grounds to sue if you suffered injury due to a city or county’s negligent actions, such as:

  • Car accidents caused by reckless police officers or other municipal employees
  • Slip and fall injuries on city or county-owned property
  • Bicycle accidents caused by poor road conditions
  • Injuries on public transportation like city buses
  • Workplace injuries as a city or county employee

Proving the city and county’s liability for your damages is key to winning a claim, and to do this, you need to be thorough with documentation and investigation.

Is Hiring a Lawyer Worth the Costs?

Some law firms work on a contingency fee basis for accident cases. This kind of representation can be referred to as no-win, no-fee lawyers, which means you only pay legal fees if your case is successful and you receive compensation. Contingency fee agreements ensure quality legal representation regardless of your financial situation.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence or wrongful actions of a city or county entity, seek legal counsel immediately. With expert counsel on your side, your chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit increase dramatically.

Avrek Law has over 50 years of combined expertise and has helped many injured victims get maximum settlements from local municipalities. With over $1 billion recovered in more than 45,000 cases, Avrek Law is here to assist you when you think, “I need a car accident attorney to sue the city” in your wrongful accident case. Aside from Los Angeles, Avrek Law Firm serves other locations. Contact Avrek Law Firm at (323) 405-9425 for a free consultation today.

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