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How to Tell Who Hit Whom in a Car Accident

The number of car accidents is still rising even with the annual release of safer automotive technology. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 110 people are killed in crashes daily. Because accidents happen quickly and frequently, knowing who caused the accident can be challenging. While having police reports and additional witnesses is key to determining the case’s outcome, other factors can make filing a claim more complex. If you are wondering how to tell who hit whom in a car accident, it’s important to partner with an expert car accident lawyer like those at Avrek Law in Sacramento.

What to Do After a Car Accident

The initial shock after a car accident can cause you to forget many essential steps, such as gathering contact information or filing a police report. However, following the right protocol is vital in uncovering the liable party of the car accident.

These steps include:

  • Check to ensure you don’t have any serious injuries, and if so, contact your local medical assistance as soon as possible.
  • Check the health of the other injured parties.
  • Move your vehicle off the road and find a safe location.
  • Even if the damage is minor, call the police to begin filing a police report.
  • Speak with the other party and exchange driver’s license information, license plate numbers, and insurance information.
  • Gather contact information from witnesses.
  • Take pictures and record video of the damages.

Following these steps, as well as working with a trustworthy car accident attorney, can help relieve the pressure in the aftermath of an accident.

Types of Car Accidents

The various car accident types further complicate the answer to “how to tell who hit whom in an accident.”  For example, what to do if you are in a bus accident will differ from car accident protocol. Since bus companies are owned by the government or local municipalities, you would need to file an injury claim with the proper governing body.

With the increase of trucks on the road, additional questions may arise, such as “Who is liable in a truck accident?” Some truck accidents result from negligent driving practices like setting the parking brake or completing all safety checks before their shift. In other cases, the trucking company may be at fault. Because of the complexities of these types of accidents, it’s important to work with an auto accident lawyer who is experienced in handling various accidents.

How to Win a He Said She Said Car Accident

In any accident between two drivers, determining fault is complicated. Because of heightened emotions, both drivers may recall the accident differently. This can become difficult when wondering how to prove speeding in a car accident. Without the proper evidence and help from an experienced auto accident attorney, you may be unable to prove fault. 

Determining fault also depends on the car accident laws in each state. Most states fall into one of three categories: at-fault state, no-fault state, and choice no-fault state. States like California and Arizona are considered “at-fault” states. In this case, the injured party must prove the other party liable to receive compensation. If you have a car accident in another state like New Jersey, the “no-fault” law applies. Despite who caused the accident, insurance is required to cover the medical treatment and damages of the injured party.

Pennsylvania a no-fault state for car accidents

This can create questions like “Is Pennsylvania a no-fault state for car accidents?” The answer here is a bit tricky. Pennsylvania is considered a “choice no-fault state,” allowing drivers to opt out of the no-fault law and receive compensation from the liable party. With all the varying laws, you want a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer to help you navigate your claim. 

How To Tell Who Hit Whom in a Car Accident

Trying to handle the complexities of an accident while recovering can be overwhelming. The first step in how to tell who hit whom in a car accident is reaching out to a professional attorney. With more than 50 years of combined experience to help you navigate all questions surrounding your case, and whether you need a personal injury lawyer or a ridesharing accident lawyer, Avrek Law can successfully fight your claim. Contact us for a free consultation and partner with a firm that has recovered more than $1 billion in compensation for more than 45,000 cases.

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