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How to File a Lawsuit Against a Casino for an Injury

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Casinos are known to be adult playgrounds. In 2021, more than 32 million people visited Las Vegas, Nevada where the majority of casinos in the United States are found. With this high number of visitors to the casinos and adjoining hotels, accidents and injuries are more common than many realize and can be the result of the property management’s negligence. If that is the case for you or a loved one, you will want to know how to file a lawsuit against a casino to receive the proper compensation.

Most Common Causes of Injuries at Casinos

When people think about casinos, they often think of gambling, drinking and having fun. Most do not think about the fact that people are injured in a casino on a regular basis. Here are the most common causes of injuries that occur:

  1. Slips and falls. Falls can result in bruises, broken bones or even head injuries such as concussions. If the slip is caused by a casino’s defective feature, such as a broken floor or leaving a spill unattended, the casino can be held liable for the injuries.
  1. Elevator malfunction. Many casinos require guests to use an elevator to get to their desired location. Like all machines, elevators are prone to issues if they are not properly inspected and maintained. If this is the case, severe injury can occur to elevator riders and result in an elevator accident lawsuit settlement.
  1. Overcrowding. Too many people in one location can lead to a variety of injuries. This happens when buildings are not designed properly or when capacity limits are not enforced.
  1. Violent crimes. Unfortunately, violent crimes such as assault happen all too often in casinos. In this case, a lawsuit against the assailant is often warranted. At the same time, if the casino lacked the proper security to prevent the assault in the first place, they might also be at fault.

These types of accidents can result in casino injury settlements that hold the negligent party responsible. Settlements not only cover any medical expenses, but they can also aid in the financial burden caused by lost wages and emotional suffering.

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The Difference Between a Native American and Commercial Casinos

While Native American owned casinos offer many of the same amenities as commercial owned ones, they operate on tribal land and fall under tribal law. As sovereign entities, they are not subject to state laws. For example, the statute of limitations for injury claims is often shorter on Native American reservations. Failing to file within that time frame means you lose your right to seek compensation.

Commercial casinos, on the other hand, operate the same as any other place of business. They are subject to state laws. In order to file a lawsuit, you will need to prove the casino’s negligence caused your injury.

Steps for Filing a Lawsuit Against a Casino

Regardless of if you were injured at a Native American owned or commercial casino, here are the necessary steps to follow after experiencing an accident and injury:

  1. Report the incident immediately. Having documentation goes a long way in strengthening your claim. After receiving the necessary medical treatment, report the accident to the casino staff.
  1. Gather any evidence. This includes pictures, medical documents, as well as the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Evidence is useful in helping you reach a settlement with the casino’s lawyers or may be used in the case of a trial.
  1. Contact a Las Vegas casino injury attorney. You want to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows the best approach to filing a lawsuit against a casino. They will walk you through the entire process including filing the claim, negotiations, mediation and any trial.

If you’re looking for help on how to file a lawsuit against a casino, look no further than Avrek Law. We have more than 50 years of combined experience resolving cases in favor of clients who were wrongfully injured. Avrek Law has recovered more than $1 billion in compensation for injury victims in more than 45,000 cases. Contact us for your free consultation to learn more!

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