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Dangerous Roads in The High Desert

High Desert Driving Can Be Dangerous

The High Desert region of California Inland Empires is a place which has its fair share of car accidents. Drivers who travel through this area, which is fairly close to LA and the scenic San Gabriel mountain range, aren’t always as vigilant as they should be.

Since this rural area has a large population of over eight hundred and ninety-thousand residents, it’s a place where there is a higher-than-average risk of auto accidents. Those who live in this High Desert region include residents of Apple Valley, Adelanto, etc. This part of California is found in San Bernardino County.

The price of housing is cheaper in this area than it is in LA and right around LA. The High Desert Region is the home of Edwards Air Force Base and plenty of other interesting attractions, including the Route 66 Museum, which is found in the city of Victorville.

When you travel through this part of Cali, you’ll probably drive along Interstate 15. It’s the big highway which links LA with Las Vegas and then carries on into the distance. Every day, tons of people drive down this freeway.

Since more people than ever now live in the High Desert region, traffic numbers are climbing. Car accident stats are also going through the roof!

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Facts About High Desert Traffic Statistics

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The High Desert is spread out pretty widely, so it’s hard to come up with detailed stats. With this in mind, let’s consider accident statistics for San Bernardino County. They are fairly bleak, as this area definitely experiences a lot of traffic accidents.

The California Highway Patrol indicated that two hundred and thirty-five deaths from car accidents, as well as over eight thousand injuries from car accidents, during 2013.

Deaths from traffic accidents in other counties in the High Desert region were lower and so were injuries. However, people still died or got hurt in quite a few accidents.

Distracted Drivers Major Cause of Accidents

Driver distraction is one of the causes of accidents in the high desert region. As well, some drivers operate vehicles under the influence or alcohol or drugs. In addition, certain drivers may speed and trigger accidents. While analysis is required in order to determine the root cause of each High Desert traffic incident, these causes are common and they do lead to injuries and fatalities.

Another root cause of this type of problem is congestion. Roadways in the area do get clogged with traffic and commuters are one of the reasons why. When highways are jammed with vehicles, it’s more likely that traffic accidents will happen.

distracted drivers

As well, the condition of roadways may contribute to problems. Some roads in the area are in good condition, while others aren’t. For example, some roads may not have a lot of lighting and others may lack medians. Certain highways have a couple of lanes going in one direction, while others have single lanes in one direction.

It’s possible for drivers to suffer from blind spots sometimes, when the sun in setting, and when it’s rising. All of these risk factors are things that drivers should know about and think about while they are traveling through California’s High Desert region.

Reckless driving is another problems. Some drivers just don’t respect the rules and this is a big issue. For example, people may get too relaxed on rural roadways and avoid wearing seatbelts.

They may also speed up as they feel that they are less likely to get tickets for speeding on rural roads. Or call us at 909-202-4565.

Some people are too aggressive behind the wheel. Lastly, road rage is a problems and a very dangerous one. It’s always important to remain emotionally balanced while you’re driving, no matter how you are provoked by others. Common injuries from car accidents include broken bones, back injuries, head trauma, whiplash, etc.

Which High Desert Roads Are the Worst?

Certain parts of the High Desert are more dangerous than others. One “bad” area is Twenty Nine Palms Highway. There have been one hundred and eighty-two deaths on this road since 2002.

This makes it the most dangerous road in the region. Another place to exercise caution behind the wheel is at the interaction of Highway 62 and the Yucca Mesa Road.

In addition Interstate 15’s Cajon Pass has been the scene of fatal accidents and a lot of nasty collisions.

When Do You Need A Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in an accident in the High Desert region and you believe that another driver was at fault, you need a personal injury lawyer. At Avrek Law Firm, we are proud to offer legal counsel of high caliber for reasonable rates. Or call us at 909-202-4565.

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