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Addiction to Snapchat May Lead to Car Accident

This 2016, Snapchat one of the emerging social media platforms is expected to breach 200 million users. This social media platform is very popular among teens of age group of 14 to 21 years old. And, most of them are first time or inexperienced car drivers. Being addicted to Snapchat, these young drivers tend to glance once in a while at their smartphone while driving and sometimes their attention is more focused in Snapchatting than driving. This is a very dangerous behavior among young drivers that may lead into a fatal car accident.

Why is Snapchat So Addictive?

The Snapchat is so addictive that users were glued on their smartphone, although users are doing something more important. The user can send photos or text to someone via this platform.

The photos or text will disappear in 10 seconds after it was viewed by the receiver. This feature makes snapchat addictive, since the user tends to view the photos or text as soon as the notification appears on the screen of his smartphone, knowing that those messages will disappear soon.

The user attention while behind the wheel will be redirected and focused on his smartphone to view the incoming messages. That is very dangerous and users should not use this app while driving.

Speed (MPH) Filter Another Snapchat Tool, which Makes Snapchat More Dangerous

The Snapchat has added a new tool that most likely makes it more dangerous for users. The Snapchat Speed (MPH) Filter. This tool is intended to be used by users who are into some leisure activities like, running, jogging, biking, canoeing and etcetera.

The purpose of speed filter is to allow users to post or share their speed on video while on those leisure activities. However, users are posting or sharing the speed of their driven car for bragging purposes and even going beyond the safety speed limits.

This may result into a fatal car collision or crash.

With Snapchat, users can post or share a video indicating thereon in bold text the speed they are going or travelling. It is good and safe if the Snapchat user is merely a passenger in the car and not the man behind the wheels.

Car Collision Could Be Directly Attributable on the Use of Snapchat

While Snapchat is a relatively new social media platform and there were no direct statistical data that using the same while driving a car could pose a great danger. However, there is now a law in the State of California that prohibits car drivers to use their cell phone while behind the wheels of their running car.

Several studies showed that among the reported cases of car accident, one of the major causes, is that the driver was distracted, resulting in the loss of his focused on the road and the vehicles or object in front of his car. And, most of those drivers, admitted to police investigator that they are using their cellular phone when the accident occurred.

Lately, there has been a media report that one bragger allegedly posted in his Snapchat through his speed filter that he was going at 142 mph. The said bragger has another vehicle causing a fatal accident and the death of the driver of the other car.

The Social Advocacy

Avrek Law Firm is supporting the advocacy for safe driving. They participated on several public forums that aim to instill awareness among young drivers not to use their cellular phone while driving. Their vast experience in handling compensation claims in personal injury litigation before courts are very valuable to make the public aware of their personal rights under the state law.

Furthermore, they encourage young and inexperienced drivers to be very careful when driving the car, and should exercise due diligence so as not to cause harm and injury to another person or damages to the properties of another person.

Avrek Law Firm also offers free legal consultation to anyone that has been injured in an accident. Likewise, their expertise in personal injury law is very valuable to those who are seeking their legal opinion and legal advice. If you are injured or your car was damaged due to the fault of another driver, feel free to call us at 866-598-5548.

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