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A Personal Injury Lawsuit was Filed Against a Nail Salon After a Woman Lost Her Toe

A Santa Clara woman filed a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court for personal injury against Dynasty Nails, a salon located on Boquet Canyon Road. The woman, Sonia Algara claimed that the substandard pedicure causes her toe infection, which was later amputated to stop the spreading of infection. She said that on March 15, 2015, she went to the Salon and paid $20 for a pedicure as stated in the Los Angeles CBS news report.


Reckless negligence of a Parlor Operator Resulting to the Amputation of the Toe.


The parlor attendant recklessly caused a laceration on the skin of the complainant with a pair of scissors. The laceration was in between her fourth and fifth toe of her left foot. The cut causes her a great pain and got infected. Later, the infection worsens despite of a proper medical treatment by a licensed doctor.


The woman’s lawyer also said that his client is diabetic and had informed the salon attendant as such. Her doctor told her that her infected toe should be amputated as early as possible since the infection is spreading so fast. It is the only remaining medical option to save her entire leg.


Since her toe was cut, her balance was affected somewhat that she could not walk upstairs as normally she does. Further, she stated that she could not wear a certain kind of shoes anymore. According to his complaint, she seeks an unspecified amount of damages against the saloon for medical reimbursement and damages for her pain, sufferings including her emotional distress.


A Warning to the General Public


This particular saloon, which is the subject of a lawsuit, was mentioned in Yelp getting a three and a half stars, however, clients should be certain on the following concerns when choosing a nail salon.


  • Examine the salon equipment and paraphernalia. It should be clean and sanitary as not to cause infections or contaminations. Cleanliness should be given an utmost importance.
  • Always asks questions as to the salon procedures and the products they are using.
  • Be observant on how the salon attendant performs the tasks and feel if it is done with extra care.


Look around the entire shop, take a look on how they dispose waste, how they treat the used tools and how they store the unused supplies. From there, you can determine that going for a pedicure or manicure is really worth your money as well as your health.


Personal Injury Attorney at Work


At first, this might be a simple thing to be bothered about. While it seems that this was a simple negligence by the salon attendant, it needs an experienced and skillful personal injury attorney to prove that such negligence is really a big one and should be given by the jury the maximum amount of personal injury damages the law could possibly award.


It is true in court litigations that the expertise and the long experience of a litigation attorney is the key and important factors in winning a case. The Avrek Law Firm has a team of lawyers who have deep knowledge of personal injury laws and jurisprudence as well as have the long years of experience in handling cases in court.


Court litigation is quite costly, however, with Avrek Law Firm, the cost is worth it. Clients could recover his/her actual expenses in medical or hospital bills as well as other incidental expenses, directly or indirectly related to the injury. Clients could also recover from the defendant, such other damages like pain and sufferings as a result of the injury, including such other damages like the cost of litigation and attorney’s fees.


Whenever you are injured due to the negligence of another person, as in this case, the salon attendant, don’t hesitate to visit or call Arek Law Firm for a free legal consultation. They will apprise you of your legal rights and the possible amount of compensation you could possibly get. It is free and if you feel that you could get an amount worthy of your inconveniences, the Avrek Law Firm is committed to assist you in your legal battle.


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