Serious Compensation for Major Motorcycle Injuries

Left turns are bad luck

One of the most dangerous activities for a motorcyclist involves being around vehicles making left-hand turns, especially when the motor vehicle doesn’t see the motorcycle or is otherwise distracted. Vehicles that strike another vehicle of any type while they’re turning left are nearly always considered at fault. Limiting factors for compensation can occur when the motorcyclist was speeding, cutting between cars or otherwise engaging in unlawful or risky behavior.

Staying safe on the road

While riding a motorcycle is easily more risky than driving other forms of motor vehicles, motorcyclists can minimize the danger by taking steps to stay safe such as wearing safety gear and bright colors, reducing lane splitting (driving between two rows of stationary or slow-moving vehicles) and keeping your speed to a minimum. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try things like road hazards, poor driving or line-of-sight conditions and other drivers make an accident or injury inevitable. Staying sober and being intensely aware of the location of other vehicles can also help keep you safe.

Be wary of others

No matter your skill level, unfortunately–you are not alone on the road! Staying away from others who may potentially change lanes on top of you due to blind spots, hitting road hazards such as gravel, dirt, oil or puddles, and drivers of vehicles who simply aren’t paying attention will still happen. Your best defense is to stay constantly on guard against potential hazards and act quickly and securely in the event of an incident. Side-swipes, right of way violations and other at-fault activities can cause serious injuries or even death to motorcycle drivers.

Close that door!

This may seem shocking, but there are a significant number of serious motorcycle injuries every year caused by open doors on motor vehicles. Be very aware of your surroundings to be sure you’re not caught in this dangerous scenario. Car drivers often look for other cars, but may not be aware of a motorcycle coming up behind them and open a door directly in your path, which may be a negligent activity on their part.

Help is near

If you or a loved one has suffered a significant loss or injury as a result of a motorcycle accident, contact Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorneys at Avrek Law Firm at 888 333 5009 for a free consultation or learn more at Avrek.com. We specialize in all types of Bakersfield motorcycle accidents and can help you receive the compensation and justice that you deserve.

Maryam Parman, Avrek Law