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Police Brutality Cases

As a society, we agree that the function of keeping citizens safe and apprehending criminals is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. Police officers take on this dangerous job because they want to protect good citizens, and most of them do that quite well. However, there are times police officers step beyond their bounds and seemingly become the menace to rather than the protector of society.

Unfortunately, hard data regarding police brutality is not easy to come by. However,, which maintains a database of those killed by law enforcement officers, reports that in 2019 alone 1,004 people were killed by a police officer.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of police brutality, it is imperative to speak with a police brutality attorney about the details of your case to determine your course of action.

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Types of Police Brutality

When police brutality or other misconduct results in a victim being injured or killed, it usually falls under one or more of these typical categories:

  • Physical violence that was unnecessary or excessive
  • Beatings
  • Shootings that exceed guidelines
  • Overuse of tasers, pepper spray, police dogs and batons
  • Using restraints in a manner that goes beyond what’s needed
  • Strip searches that exceed the boundaries of protocol
  • Racial profiling or other discrimination
  • Sexual assault

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Police brutality is a betrayal of trust. Anyone who has been involved in unwarranted police brutality needs to seek help from a police brutality lawyer experienced with these types of claims. You have rights as a citizen, and Avrek Law Firm is very serious about protecting those rights.

When suing a public entity, such as a police department or an employee of the department, there are laws that are specific to that entity that must be followed. Our police brutality attorneys are knowledgeable about this complex area of law, and we help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

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