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Need a Lyft Accident Attorney to Review Your Claim?

Ridesharing has risen in popularity in recent years, and millions of people are now using rideshare services across the country. While the conveniences of these services are many, the growth of this industry also increases the number of auto accidents, and the insurance claims can be much more complex than those in a personal vehicle accident.

Avrek Law Firm’s Uber and Lyft accident attorney team will inform you of your rights and help you recuperate the maximum compensation for any damages due to the accident.

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Get Peace of Mind After an Uber or Lyft Car Accident

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft offer many transportation advantages. However, when a car accident happens, rideshare insurance claims can become complicated and difficult to maneuver on your own, so you will likely need a lawyer to sue Uber or Lyft to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Los Angeles, Orange County and Long Beach accident reports show the frequency in which rideshare accidents can happen. While car accident injuries can potentially affect you for the rest of your life – you shouldn’t have to worry about medical bills or lost wages due to no fault of your own. A dependable rideshare accident lawyer knowledgeable in Uber’s, Lyft’s and other rideshare companies’ accident policies can help you navigate the insurance process and is with you every step of the way.

Avrek Law Firm’s Uber and Lyft accident attorney team works diligently on your behalf to resolve your rideshare insurance claim. Our auto accident attorneys are highly experienced and know how to get results that no other attorney can. You can rest assured that you can always speak with an auto accident attorney at our firm who will be deeply involved with your case.

Knowing this is likely the first time you are dealing with an accident of this kind, Avrek Law Firm works to make everything as simple as possible for you. For a free consultation on your accident claim, call our office to speak with a Lyft or Uber accident lawyer or fill out the online form today!

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