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When to Call a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Each year, millions of motorcyclists take to the roads in the United States. Due in part to a long history of TV and film appearances, many people see the act of riding a motorcycle as a thrilling symbol of freedom or independence. At the same time, riding a motorcycle presents an inherent amount of risk to the rider. Reduced visibility to cars and trucks, as well as the rider’s immediate exposure to the road, heighten the potential severity of any crash.

Most riders are aware of this danger, but that doesn’t prevent people from riding motorcycles or decrease the number of major motorcycle accidents that happen each year. California is home to a large number of motorcycle riders, but this also makes it one of the nation’s leaders in motorcycle accidents and fatalities.

With recent motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles on the rise alongside an increase in reckless driving, it’s recommended that any individual injured in this type of accident contact an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney like the skilled motorcycle accident attorneys at Avrek Law Firm. 

What is the Danger of Riding a Motorcycle?

According to the SGV Tribune, motorcycle accidents have been greatly increasing nationwide for the past two decades. The severity of this problem is reflected in the 227% increase in motorcycle fatalities from 1994 (2,320) to 2016 (5,286). California is one of the nation’s leaders in both total motorcycle fatalities, and motorcyclists as a percentage of total traffic fatalities.

In 2016, the most recent year with complete data, 566 motorcyclists were killed in the state of California, which accounted for 15.1 percent of total motor vehicle deaths in the United States. In the latter statistic, California ranks in the top 15 states, with Nevada home to the highest rate of 22.6%.

The factors behind these rising rates of major motorcycle accidents are manifold. They include traditional factors such as impaired driving, driving under the influence, and excessive speed. However, other new factors are becoming more relevant and deadly, including legalized marijuana, faster new bikes, distracted driving on smartphones, and even rising temperatures leading to more riding days.

How Can You Protect Yourself While Riding a Motorcycle?

Six motorcyclists on open road who may know when to call a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney

While the dangers of a motorcycle accident may be clear, there are ways that you can reduce the chances of a routine accident from becoming deadly, or a major financial burden. These include:

  • Always wear a proper full-face helmet: Riders that choose to wear so-called ‘novelty’ helmets, such as those often seen on Harley-Davidson riders, are more than twice as likely to die in a motorcycle crash than riders who wear full-face helmets. California has state legislation that requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet (several other states have no such requirement), but it’s important to recognize the benefits of a full-face helmet, rather than one that prioritizes aesthetics.
  • Invest in an anti-lock brake system: A typical catastrophic turn that motorcycle riding can take is when your bike goes into a skid. A skid is one wrong move from a serious fall, and should be prevented in all circumstances. Skids are generally precipitated by wheels locking in cases of rapid braking, and an anti-lock brake system can prevent this, allowing you to keep better control over your bike.
  • Find a trusted Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney: Crashes are so common on motorcycles that even if you haven’t been in one yet, it’s a good idea to have a law firm in mind in the event that an accident does occur. A qualified and experienced motorcycle accident attorney will have your best interests in mind when untangling the aftermath of a crash.

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