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Skateboard Accidents Need A Lawyer

Statistics in the US shows that even skateboarding is one of the riskiest activities in the country.

Each day hospital emergency rooms are filled by injured skateboarders.

On average, 176 injured persons, primarily children and teenagers, attend to the ER due to skateboard accidents.

Most large cities will experience over 1000 serious skateboarder injuries per year.

Skateboarding For Transportation

However, skateboarding has become a popular means of transportation amongst adults.

In a paper entitled “Skateboarding Transportation: Findings from an Exploratory Study”, Tessa Walker of Portland State University, found that persons who skateboarded frequently failed to take advantage of safety equipment.

Only 22% “always” wore a helmet and less than 3% always used wrist guards, knee pads, and protective reflectors.

The number of injuries from accidents while skateboarding has expanded as more people use skateboards as a means of transportation.

Common Causes For Skateboard Accidents

The most common cause of skateboarding accidents is during sessions where the skateboarders attempt new tricks; typically on ramps.

Again, Loss of balance while skateboarding is also a very common cause for injuries.

Be always aware of your capabilities as a skateboarder.

It is important always wear the appropriate protective gear such as a helmet and protective elbow and knee pads, and, to be aware of your limitations on a skateboard.

Common Injuries From Skateboard Accidents

Isolated head injuries, the most serious injuries, represent 5% of skateboarding injuries; however, of these over 66% are very serious and will require resuscitation.

The most common injuries while skateboarding include damage to the arms, legs, neck and trunk that range from bruises, cuts or sprains to broken bones, particularly in the upper body.

Wrist fractures are quite common and happen when attempting to block the fall with the arms.

A broken jaw or nose damage is also quite common.

Head trauma could also take place and is typically the most serious injury.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a skateboarding accident, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney from Avrek Law.

Contact the team on:

Phone: 866-598-5548

Feel free to call us 7 days a week.

A legal representative can evaluate the situation and determine who was liable during the incident.

If the other party happens to be at fault, it is most likely that you will have to deal with their insurance company in order to make an injury claim.

At Avrek, we have the experience necessary to deal with such situations and will work towards making sure the given insurance company takes your claim seriously.

Insurance companies typically will try to minimize their client’s liability and settle for a lower amount.

Avrek Law will guide you through the process of dealing with the insurance company.

Before speaking with insurance adjusters try to take advice from your attorney as they will use anything you told them to dismiss or minimize your claim, remember that the insurance company are also advised and represented by a legal team.

What’s My Skateboard Accident Claim Worth?

If you can prove negligence on the driver’s side, you can make a claim for compensation for what are called special damages.

Special damages can be calculated exactly and include serious injuries that can affect your past, present and future earnings or loss of earning capability.

Compensation for property damage also counts as special damages; such include loss of cellphone, tablets or any other electronic devices that were damaged at the moment of the accident.

Future damages such as loss of earnings during the recovery of injuries or loss of earning capability can be tricky to estimate and Avrek will help to precisely calculate the extent of your future losses.

Pain and suffering is hard to put a number on until all the facts are presented and the injured victim has healed from the accident itself.

How Long Do I Have To Take Legal Action?

You have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit according to California state laws.

It is important for you to remember that these terms are for filing lawsuit and not for insurance claim, and it’s better if you act quickly.


What To Do Right After An Accident?

After an accident, the following steps are recommended

  • Call 911 immediately for medical assistance in the event of a serious injury. Even if you’re not feeling any pain at the moment a professional medical team can determine the exact extent of your injuries. Make sure to have a medical report.
  • Get a police report. In order to do this, you will need to call the authorities as soon as possible and ask that a report by provided.
  • Try to remember the details of the accident. It may be helpful to write them down and/or contact bystanders.
  • Document the driver’s type of vehicle, license number, license number plate and insurance information.
  • Contact a professional injury attorney with experience in skateboard accidents at Avrek Law, we have the experience and know-how to evaluate and make sure you get a fair settlement. We will also guide you through the extensive paperwork you need to file to make an injury claim.

Phone: 866-598-5548/ 866-598-5548

Feel free to call us 7 days a week.

Common types of car accidents involving skateboards

The following is a list of the common types of accident that can happen when skateboarding:

  • The driver side swipes a skater at an intersection.
  • The driver hits a skater from the back while distracted.
  • The driver was driving recklessly due to high levels of alcohol or drug use. For example, being hit by a driver while skating on the sidewalk.

These types of accidents can often make you eligible to file an injury claim.

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