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2023: Is Damage From a Tire Blowout Covered by Insurance?

[2023 Update]: According to the National Transportation Safety Board, an average of 33,000 accidents happen each year due to tires, of which 2,000 are tire blowout related. To answer the question "Is damage from a tire blowout covered by insurance?" you'll need to check with your specific car insurance policy to find out if sudden or accidental damage to your tires is covered.

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Limousine Accident Lawyers

What To Know About Limousine Accidents Limousine accidents caused by a reckless driver or chauffeur can cause serious and lasting personal injury due to the large size and weight of the vehicle. Limo accident victims may require immediate care in a hospital or emergency room and deserve the professional attention of a limo accident injury...

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What Happens in a Rental Car Accident Without Insurance?

Traffic accidents in rental cars are inevitable in the travel industry, and many safety devices have been created to make rental cars safer for those people on vacation who decide to rent a car. Even so, a car accident in rental car situations is still extremely dangerous and happens all too often in the United States - there is one car accident every 15 seconds. Worldwide, 1.2 million people die each year in traffic accidents.

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