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Orange County Most Dangerous road/ Several Children Injured pasadena

While Orange County, California might be known for its awesome surfing, tanned residents, and beachside living, it is also becoming known for the high number of accidents that it is home to. Just last year alone Orange County California, was home to over twenty-five thousand people were killed or were seriously injured because they were involved in a car accident.

While most people associate high speed driving on interstates and highways with fatal and serious car accidents, the majority of these accidents actually happened on local streets. Here is a look at some of the most dangerous sections of road found throughout Orange County.

  • Laguna Canyon Road

    For years now, Laguna Canyon Road has been considered one of the most dangerous in Orange County. This stretch of road has been known for it’s many fatal late night accidents. So practice caution when driving on Canyon Road, and drive well below the speed limit to avoid fast oncoming drunk drivers.

  • Santiago Canyon Road

    Santiago_canyon_ roadFor a long time now, Santiago Canyon Road has been known as one of the most dangerous highways in the entire state of California. The “Road of Death” as it is widely known, has actually gotten to the been registered as the most dangerous section of highway, at the point where it intersects with Jamboree Road and changes to Chapman Avenue.

  • The Ortega Highway

    Ortega_highwayWhile Laguna Canyon is known for it’s late night accidents involving alcohol and illegal substances, and Santiago Canyon Road is known for its dangerous intersection, the Ortega Highway has become known as an especially dangerous stretch of road for motorcyclists. This stretch of road, known also as State Route 74, is filled with open stretches, sharp turns, watering holes and gorgeous scenery. Unfortunately the wonderful scenery and what attractive drive often turns fatal for many of its motorcycles riding visitors.

Although, according to statistics, these are the 3 most deadly stretches of road in Orange County, it is obvious that with over twenty-five thousand fatalities due to car accidents just last year alone, there are more stretches of road to look out for.These include:

  • Bristol Street at Campus Drive in Newport Beach;
  • MacArthur Boulevard at San Joaquin Hills Road;
  • San Miguel Drive at Avocado Avenue; Chapman Avenue at Gilbert in Garden Grove;
  • Harbor Boulevard at Adams Avenue;
  • Jeffrey Road at Irvine Center Drive in Irvine;
  • Newport Center Drive at Civic Center Drive; and
  • El Toro Road at Montcliff Drive in Lake Forest.

What would you consider to be Orange County’s most dangerous stretch of road or intersection? Why?

The reality is that any stretch of road can be dangerous. Even quiet cal de sacs, or side roads that we live on, can be just a deadly as a highway or interstate when a there is a distracted driver involved. When a driver becomes distracted, be it a phone call, a text message, food, the radio, an email, the road that they are on becomes dangerous, no matter how quiet or empty it may be. When a driver is too tired but insists on driving through instead of pulling over to rest, the road that they are on becomes dangerous. When a driver has been drinking, even one drink makes the road that that driver is driving on dangerous. It doesn’t matter if the driver is in a hurry, tired, distracted, or under the influence, as soon as that driver has something else taking focus away from what ought to be their top priority while behind the wheel – driving down that road safely, that road becomes a dangerous place to be.

When drivers become distracted that is when bad things happen, and all too often those bad things happen to innocent people. If you are in Orange County, or anywhere in the state of California, and have been hurt by someone not paying attention, be it on a bike, in a car, on a motorcycle, or while simply walking across a street, and you need a personal injury lawyer, call Averk Law Firm at 866-598-5548.

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