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Man from Costa Mesa killed in Santa Ana car accident

Santa Ana car accident kills Costa Mesa Man

A young man, just 30 years old, was killed in a Santa Ana car accident – leaving behind a seven-month-old baby with critical injuries (the baby was in the vehicle at the time of the accident).

According to information published by The Press-Telegram, the fatal automobile accident happened on Bristol Street in Santa Ana when a Ford Taurus (driven by a young woman) crossed the center line and entered into oncoming traffic where it struck the automobile that the young man was driving head-on.

Another vehicle was also involved in the automobile accident, but there were no injuries to be reported.

Young man declared dead at the scene Santa Anna car accident

Because of the severity of the accident itself, the young man in the vehicle that was struck was pronounced dead immediately upon the arrival of emergency medical services. They inspected the man, checked for any signs of life, and were unable to find any. He was unresponsive, and was pronounced dead shortly after their arrival.

The baby that was also in the vehicle (a seven-month-old baby) was also hospitalized in critical condition, and the mother of the baby was hospitalized as well – though her status and injuries were considerably less than the infant and the deceased man.

It is still unclear as to why the female driver left her lane of traffic and entered into oncoming traffic, and it is not yet known if drugs or alcohol played a role in this deadly accident. Police have not yet notified the public as to whether or not the woman will be cited for the collision, though many believe that she will in fact they are the responsibility of this deadly accident.

There is nothing worse than the unnecessary loss of life, and we wish to send out all of our condolences to the friends and family members of this man that lost his life. Hopefully the young baby and the mother will recover from their injuries quickly and completely, and go on to lead as happy and healthy a lifestyle as they possibly can.

Santa Ana car accident statistics

Unfortunately, there are a significant amount of these vehicle accidents in Santa Ana each and every single year.

While we would love nothing more than to say that these incidents are quite rare, nothing could be further from the truth. According to details provided by the California Highway Patrol and a research study that they conducted in 2009, 13 people were killed in that year alone with 993 injuries stemming from Santa Anna car accidents.

In that same year, more than 141 people lost their lives and 13,000+ individuals were injured when they were involved in automotive accidents in Orange County.

These numbers are only trending upwards. Santa Ana car accident rates are higher than they’ve ever been and are only getting higher.

What causes these fatal accidents?

It’s impossible to know exactly what’s behind many of the fatal accidents on California roads these days, if only because there are so many different root causes – some of them combining together to create a dangerous mixture of situations.

Some people are texting, some people are speeding, some people fall asleep at the wheel, some people are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and some people just flat out lose control of their vehicle due to reasons completely out of their control or mechanical issues.

It’s important to remember that officials are in fact looking into these group causes and trying to do everything they can to slow down the rate of Santa Ana accidents, but so far they haven’t had the kind of success that most people are hoping for.

Protect yourself from liability when it comes to Santa Ana car accident issues

In most instances, there is going to be some kind of liability issue stemming from a Santa Ana car accident.

Someone is going to be responsible for the accident, someone is going to be responsible for compensating the injured parties, and someone is going to have their life change right before their very eyes.

If you have been involved in a Santa Ana car accident or know someone that has, you would be well advised to contact the best Santa Ana personal-injury lawyer around to help make sure that all negligent parties and all liable parties compensate you for the headache, hassle, and heartbreak that they were responsible for.

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