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Infographic: Don’t Let a Drunk Driving Accident Ruin Your Holidays

The winter holidays provide us all with a chance to be thankful for the things that we have and spend time with the ones that we love and cherish the most. Unfortunately, during this time of thankfulness and get togethers, we also see dramatic increases in binge drinking, DUIs and drunk driving accidents in California around the holiday season.

Avrek Law Firm wants everyone in our community to enjoy the holidays responsibly, and in order to reduce the amount of car accidents, serious injuries and deaths that occur during the holidays, we’ve created this thought provoking infographic to help bring to mind this dangerous holiday trend. We all need to help keep this time of year joyful and stuff of love, and not have it turn into a time of mourning.

Share the infographic below with your friends & family on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & other social media channels in order to remind everyone that it’s not worth the risk to drive drunk during the holidays.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving provides us with the following tips to help prevent a friend or family member from drinking and driving:

  • Be as non-confrontational as possible.
  • Suggest alternate ways of getting to their destination — a cab, a sober driver, public transportation.
  • Remember that the person you are talking to is impaired — talk a bit more slowly and explain things more fully than if you were speaking to a sober person.
  • Explain that you don’t want them to drive because you care and you don’t want them to hurt themselves or others.
  • Suggest that they sleep over.
  • Enlist a friend to help you or to act as moral support — it’s more difficult to say “no” to two (or three or four) people than one.
  • If possible, get the person’s keys. It is far easier to persuade the potential driver when you hold this leverage.
  • If all else fails, call law enforcement. It’s better to have a friend arrested than injured or killed.

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