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How to Deal with a DUI Car Accident in Los Angeles

Accidents could lead to serious or fatal injuries, not to mention the cost of the damages it could cause. Even so, accidents could leave a serious physical and emotional pain to you and to your loved ones. No amount of money can pay the life being wasted in a DUI car accident. However, filing a personal injury claim will help you obtain the justice you ought to have as well as the monetary compensation you needed.

Criminal and Civil Legal Actions for a DUI Car Accident: How they differ?

There a two different types of court cases for a drunk driver to deal with for causing a serious or deadly accident. According to California law the first type is a criminal trial prosecuted by the government. In the event they are found guilty, jail sentence is the significant penalty.

The other type is involved in a civil case for causing personal injury or wrongful death. A civil case is something brought into the court by an attorney representing the victims of the drunken driving accident.

Criminal and civil legal actions differ significantly from each other in cases such as DUI accidents. This means that there is a considerable chance that a drunk driver could escape criminal guilty verdict, but the culprit is still liable for a civil case for monetary arrangement to the family or victim of a DUI accident.

Several lawsuits for DUI damages

There are several lawsuits a DUI victim may file to get the appropriate compensation he/she deserves for the person and/or wrongful act. This includes:

  • Physical injuries cause by the accident
  • Property damage and loss of revenues
  • Hospitalization and medical expenses
  • Emotional, physical and other types of distress
  • Serious deformity

Getting Help from a DUI Car Accident attorney from Avrek Law Firm

It is best to have someone who is experienced in dui car accidents to help you get the appropriate compensation for you. Avrek Law Firm’s reputation speaks for itself.

Avrek Law Firm is committed in providing every client with the best possible service. The firm is one of the most trusted and reliable law firms in Los Angeles, California. Their long run in the business had enriched their experiences with skills and tactics that branded their name with guaranteed service satisfaction.

DUI is serious crime

Driving under the influence (DUI) or also known as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a serious crime in all parts of the USA. However, getting the right justice for the unfortunate happening is as hard as the crime itself to endure.

Dealing with the accident and the aftermath of it is a traumatic matter to bear. Your life, your car, your hospitalization, your work, your family and the life ahead of you, these are only a few of the stressful things you have to cope up with.

In times like this, Avrek Law Firm is proven to be of best help for you. Dealing with the legal and financial issues is their expertise. Avrek Law Firm attorneys cater a wide range of services which includes:

  • Legal assistance on getting the maximum compensation possible for your medical expenses, property damage, loss of revenues, rehabilitation and others.
  • Skillful assessing of every case to ensure that every client receives the justice he/she demands.
  • Provides a wide range of legal option to best suit your needs and budget.
  • Offers free consultation.

Dedicated in securing your welfare, justice and proper compensation

Whether criminal or civil case was charged against the offender, it is still important to employ the help of professional and expericed DUI Accident Attorney. Employing the professional help of Avrek Law Firm attorneys will ease your burden of dealing with your insurance company.

When involved in a DUI car  accident or if your family member was involved in your first concerns will be you or your family’s welfare, second will be the fair dealing of the accident and lastly will be the expenses.

Avrek Law Firm is dedicated in securing your welfare through helping you have the finest doctors available. They are also devoted to giving you the justice you deserve. They are also keen in dealing with the insurance company to help you have the highest reimbursement for you.

Call them now and let them handle the worst for you.

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How much is your case worth?

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